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How To Delete Stations in Pandora

By using Pandora, you will have the option to stream music to your device of choice and enjoy great tunes wherever you go. But as you know, the main selling point of Pandora is the way it allows you to discover songs which have similar traits to the ones you like. It does this through its “stations”, which are basically a form of automatic recommendations.

And this is what makes Pandora great. Everyone has a playlist they come back to time and again. But sometimes, those familiar tunes can get a bit stale. On occasion, you want to mix things up a bit and see if something else can draw your interest. And while we really like listening to our favorite songs, it is sometimes even better to have a completely new song blow us away. And Pandora makes this discovery possible.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to experiment with different stations and see where this takes you. To encourage this, creating them is an easy and hassle-free process. However, it does not always work out. When this happens, you will probably want to delete the station that is simply not playing the music you want to hear. Thankfully, this is also a pretty straightforward process.

We will show you exactly what you need to do to make any unwanted station a thing of the past. And we will also cover all three platforms Pandora is available on.

Deleting Stations on Android or iOS

As mentioned, deleting your stations is not a complicated procedure. To start, simply launch the app by tapping its icon – you’ll probably have it on your home screen.

Next, you need to go to the list showing all the stations you have. You can do this by visiting the “My Collection” section. There are several ways to organize your collection, and some options are only available to “Premium” users.

Once you see the station you want to delete, tap on its name. This is actually where the procedure will be slightly different depending on whether you have a premium account.

If you are using the free version of the app or the “Plus” version, tapping the station will start it. You now need to press the “Thumb” icon (the one surrounded by dots) to go to the menu we’re looking for. To find this icon, look in the top right corner of your device’s screen.

On the other hand, if you are a premium subscriber, tapping the station will be enough to directly take you to the menu we want.

Either way, you now just need to enter the “Edit” menu. Its icon looks like a small pencil, and it will be next to the “Play” button. From here, the only thing left for you to do is select “Delete Station”.

Deleting Stations when You’re on a Computer

This process is even simpler if you’re using a computer. Start by going to Pandora’s website as usual (https://www.pandora.com [1]). When the site loads, make sure you’re signed in.

Next, look near the top of the page and you should see a tab called “My Stations”. Click here.

Now, look at the album covers of the stations you have and find the one you plan to delete. Using your mouse, hover over it and you will see a new icon appear. It will look like three dots. Click it.

After that, simply choose “Delete”, and the station will be gone (but make sure you’re not in the “Shuffle” or “Now Playing” mode when you attempt this).

We have just one additional note here. Sometimes, a station you delete might show up again on the list. A possible cause for this is the web address you’re using to access Pandora. Specifically, there could be an issue with the bookmark.

Because you probably don’t feel like typing the entire address every time, it’s likely you’ve simply bookmarked it. However, that bookmark needs to lead only to https://www.pandora.com [1] – there should be nothing else here. If there is, it can create a problem with deleted stations. So if this happens to you, check your bookmarks.

Final Words

As mentioned, it’s easy to delete your Pandora stations – it just takes a few clicks or taps. You’re probably thinking of doing this in order to make the list easier to navigate. It’s great to have a number of stations to easily switch to, but too many can be overwhelming.

Now that you know how to do this, what’s the first station that will need to go? Alternatively, are there any stations you’ll never even think of deleting? Chime in below and let us know.