How To Delete Your VSCO Account

Posted by Robert Hayes on May 26, 2019

Everybody who takes pictures online has heard of Instagram; it’s the ubiquitous social media platform for sharing visual content online. But did you know that it isn’t where the real professionals hang out? Professionals often avoid Instagram, not because of problems with the platform itself, but because by positioning itself as the go-to sharing site for everyone’s pictures, Instagram has become a cesspool of selfies, poorly-composed shots of random junk, oodles of cute (and not-so-cute) animal snaps, and all manner of junk “photography”. Real pros don’t want their work to be tainted by association with what they see as the unwashed masses.

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For that reason, serious photographers tend to showcase their work on more professional sites such as VSCO. VSCO is short for “Visual Supply Company” and was created as a niche app for photographers and skilled graphics professionals to display their work. Not coincidentally, it’s also a place for “the rest of us” to see what visual imagery really should look like. VSCO was founded in 2011 and while it is nowhere near as popular or well-known as Instagram, it has a reputation as being the online Mecca for true visual imagery pros.

The app has kept its focus on photographers and creative artists, and seems to prioritize fantastic photography over gaining millions of users. This has led to the development of a very different community feel than that found on sites like Instagram. While VSCO has gained a social following, it remains well-mannered and well-meaning. Compared to Instagram, VSCO’s follower numbers are tiny – but that is the point. The founder originally said “We don’t define success based on numbers.” For that, the serious art photography world thanks them.

However, VSCO is not for everyone. Its skew towards artistry and contemporary photography makes it ill-suited to shots of avocado toast with eggs. And although the membership fee is reasonable at just $19.99 a year, it does cost money to have a professional membership on the site. There are also other alternatives available for serious photographers, such as Polarr. If you have been using VSCO and have decided that it’s no longer the site for you, then this article will show you how to delete your account.

Delete your images from VSCO

The first step in really removing yourself from VSCO is the deletion of your content. The sad truth is that when you deactivate your membership, VSCO tends to hold on to your account information; to really be quit of the platform, you have to get rid of your files the hard way, THEN end the membership.

  1. Open the VSCO app on your device and ensure you are logged in.
  2. Select the face icon in the bottom right to access your profile.
  3. Select an image and tap the three dot icon in the top right.
  4. Select “Delete” to remove the image.

This image from my private portfolio, titled “Free TV I Gave Away on Craigslist Yesterday”, does not represent the type of photography normally found on VSCO.

You may also need to remove images that other people have added to their collection.

  1. Open the VSCO app on your device and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Select the face icon in the bottom right to access your profile.
  3. Select the bell icon and select the image you want to remove.
  4. Select the “-” icon to remove it from the collection.
  5. Confirm your choice to remove it.

Delete your VSCO account

Once your photos have been cleared out, you have two options if you no longer want to use VSCO: you can deactivate your profile and leave it dormant, or you can deactivate it permanently.

To deactivate your VSCO profile:

  1. Log into your VSCO account and navigate to this deactivation page.
  2. Select “Deactivate VSCO profile” and follow the wizard.
  3. Confirm deactivation of your VSCO profile.

Deactivating your VSCO profile will remove your Grid, Collection and Journal from public view, but will leave your account intact. It will essentially be dormant, but still live.

To deactivate your VSCO profile and your account:

  1. Log into VSCO and navigate to this page. It is the same page as above.
  2. Select “Deactivate VSCO Profile & Account” and follow the wizard.
  3. Confirm deactivation of your VSCO account.

If you would prefer to delete your VSCO account via email, you can.

  1. Email [email protected] and add the subject “Delete my VSCO account.” This may take longer than doing it via the website.

Note that deactivating your account doesn’t actually delete the account. You will no longer be able to access any resources you had or any purchases you made. (You may want to download whatever resources you’re going to need before doing it so you don’t lose them.) However, deactivating your account doesn’t actually wipe anything out of the VSCO database. You can reactivate your account simply by logging in again. This means that all you are doing by deactivating your account is stopping yourself from being able to use it. If you can reactivate an account, it must still be present in order to be reactivated. This isn’t ideal, from a privacy perspective, which is why if you really want to wipe your account, you need to delete all your images first.


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Delete my account because I do not need it,I do not use it

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