What Does Deleted User Mean in Bumble?

Posted by Jamie on June 13, 2019

What does Deleted User mean in Bumble? How does Bumble work for guys? Can I change my location in the app? Why are my images being moderated? These are just some of the many questions we receive each day on dating apps and today I’m going to be answering these and others.

It is part of my job to respond to reader questions and that’s where I’m doing here. These four questions are some of the most common we see in our mailbox which is why I’m tackling all of them at once.

Bumble is a dating app designed to compete with Tinder, Hinge and the others while also being a little different. It’s a female-centric dating app, invented by a former female Tinder exec. The idea is to take the best of dating apps while removing the worst. As the worst is often from guys, Bumble gives all the power to women. It’s a neat idea that seems to have gone down well.

What does Deleted User mean in Bumble?

If you had a match and one day open the app to see Deleted User in an ongoing conversation, it means the person you were chatting with has deleted their Bumble account. You can see the conversation but won’t be able to do anything with it so may as well record any phone numbers or contact details and delete it.

It’s likely nothing personal, dating app fatigue is a common situation and this is the result. You didn’t get unmatched otherwise you would not see the conversation. They just decided to quit Bumble for a while.

How does Bumble work for guys?

Bumble only allows female users to initiate conversation. As much of the negativity around dating apps is from young men, the idea is to refine the experience slightly by not letting them spam female users. Instead, men have to work much harder on their profile and bait the hook as much as possible.

This not only improves the quality of the profiles on Bumble, it also weeds out the idiots. Most of these will soon lose interest as they aren’t going to get any action or feedback so only those more serious about dating remain. This is good for guys as a lot of competition is weeded out and if a woman contacts you, it means she is definitely interested.

Can I change my location in the app?

If you move home, or work somewhere else for a while, the location will change automatically in Bumble. It uses your phone’s location so will adapt to wherever you might be at the time. It may take a few hours to catch up if you change location but will catch up.

I haven’t tried any GPS spoofing apps recently so don’t know if they work. I know they did a year or so ago but things change so quickly I’m not sure if they still do or not.

Bumble does not have a location change feature like Tinder does so you’re out of luck there too.

Why are my images being moderated?

Another way Bumble tries to elevate itself above other dating apps is by having higher standards for images. If your main image doesn’t have a full face shot, you will be moderated. If any of your images show nakedness or any kind of sex or pornographic content, you’ll get moderated.

Other things that will get your images moderated include images with text, images of celebrities or copyrighted images, underwear or anything inappropriate.

What is verification and should I use it?

Another common issue with dating apps is not using real images or using someone else’s images. Whether the person is married and wants to hide, too shy, catfishing or something else, this is a real problem in dating apps. Bumble wants to address it by offering a verification service.

They will send you an image of someone in a particular pose. You have to copy that pose exactly to pass. A moderator will then check the image and verify that your profile images are of you.

Should you use verification? Yes absolutely you should. Any extra peace of mind you can offer a potential match is going to help you.

Can I extend a match on Bumble?

Matches are for 24 hours and the female has to initiate conversation within that time otherwise the match times out and resets. Free users can extend a match once a day while premium users can extend as many matches as they like. You should see the extend option in your Matches screen where you see the countdown clock.

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