What’s the Difference in Quality Between Streaming and Cable TV?

How Different is the Quality Streaming vs Cable

Who is the winner if we match a quality streaming service and cable? That is an incredibly difficult question, which takes many considerations. Let’s find the answer together by comparing the two head to head.

Can you name the differences and the similarities of these two services? This discussion has gone full circle, cable TV used to be too expensive, and you couldn’t watch everything on it. That is why Netflix became so big.

Recent Streaming Service Changes

Streaming services and cable TV were very different at first, being almost opposites. But the current situation is showing more and more similarities between the two. What users loved about streaming services is now turning bad.

We are referring to the increase in prices, added costs, even the inclusion of ads on some streaming platforms, and finally, the restriction of content. The last item on this list is the most peculiar one. Netflix used to be too good to be true, because it had nearly anything a person could ask for, and the subscription was cheap.

Now, there are tons of streaming services. Everyone saw Netflix’s success, and they want a piece of the pie. From Hulu and Amazon Prime as the major contenders, now we also have Disney Plus, HBO GO and HBO NOW, Sling TV, and many others.

The increase in streaming services is not a good thing. Each of these services brings the content of their own, and they fight each other for streaming rights. Many great shows got canceled because of streaming wars, and many others will follow.

Great examples are the Marvel TV franchise that used to air on Netflix (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Daredevil). They were all great shows, and all of them got canceled because Disney, who owns Marvel, pulled the plug and took them away from Netflix.

the Quality Streaming vs Cable

Streaming Service Pros

So, the appeal of streaming services is mostly in their low cost. They all cost about a third of a cable TV subscription, which is a huge difference. Anyone who cares about their home budget will consider cord-cutting because of this.

Besides the price, streaming services offer another great feature. They are available on most popular devices, which means that you can start watching on your laptop at home and casually switch to your tablet and finish the episode on the bus.

What’s more, all major streaming services allow connecting multiple devices and profiles to a single account. Now all family members can use one streaming service, even at the same time—because of that, using a streaming service pays off.

Cable TV Pros

If you assumed that the old cable TV is dying, you’d be very wrong. Millions of people still choose cable TV over streaming. Some of them do it because they are used to cable, but others are sticking for the benefits cable TV offers.

Cable TV is usually an all-in-one deal where you get everything you need in one place. There are essential cable deals that are just as good as any streaming service starter pack. They offer reliable content for a low price.

If you don’t like add-ons, basic cable is perfect for you. The price grows exponentially with the addition of premium channels. Luckily, you can skip these if you want to save money and watch cable.

Oh, and a big cable TV pro is that you don’t need the internet to watch. However, you do require a high-speed internet connection for a high-quality stream. On the other hand, the cable TV picture is crystal clear, most of the time.

The hardware for cable TV has improved drastically over the years. Newer set-top boxes are amazing, they offer HD streaming, some even in 4K. They might also include internet app support, which lets you watch YouTube and use other apps on your TV.

How Different is Quality Streaming vs Cable

Quality Streaming vs Cable TV Differences

To sum things up, quality streaming requires a stable internet connection, while for cable, you need a set-top box. Those are the added costs, which are pretty much non-avoidable.

Streaming is generally cheaper and offers a wider variety. The cable is expensive, but it is superior when it comes to sports programming and live TV. The picture quality is about the same if you are using modern devices and have a reliable internet package.

All in all, there are not so many differences between these two methods of watching TV anymore. The choice boils down to your personal preference. Who’s the winner for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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