How To Add Emojis to Discord

Discord is more than just a VoIP for gamers in the midst of an epic raid or battle royale. It’s a service that allows server owners to keep track of all their members and provide those members with a place to verbally and textually mingle. This means more conversations are being had, not just over gaming but over any list of varying topics from which to choose. Anyone who has been using any form of social media over the last few years will tell you, it’s all about the memes.

“Don’t let your memes be dreams.”

That’s one of the things that Discord wants you to take to heart when using their service. However, you can’t follow up a good meme without firing off a few well-placed emojis to let people know just how you feel. So Discord has gone ahead and implemented a system to keep track of all your emojis in one easy to access place. This article is going to tell you just how to use those emojis as well as a few different things you can do with them.


Using Emojis On Discord

The way to go about adding an emoji into the conversation is rather quite simple. Just hover your mouse over the grayed-out emoji to the right-side of your text bar:

It’ll turn from gray to full color while hovering. Click on the emoji icon to pull up a list of available emojis right there at your fingertips. If you find yourself wanting to drop more than one, you can just hold down the Shift key while clicking away. Incredibly useful for those wanting to rapid-fire off a few crybaby or poop emojis to let someone know just what you think of their post or message.


The Wumboji

A Wumboji is an emoji that has been given a little bit too much room to grow. By foregoing any text and instead dropping a single solitary emoji as a message, that emoji will blow up in size for all to see. You are limited to up to 27 wumboji in a single message before overcrowding becomes a concern and the size is reduced back down to its original state.

While in Compact mode, emojis cannot become wumbojis. This makes a bit of sense seeing as a compacted wumboji is already what an emoji is.


Custom Server Emoji

In addition to the basic, out-of-the-box stable of emojis your automatically gifted with, you can also easily add custom emojis to your server. You can also sync up with a few of your favorite streamers in order to use their emojis as well.

If you happen to be subscribed to any partnered Twitch streamers who’ve got their own stable of customized emojis enabled for their channel, you can use them on your server. All you need to do is sync up your Twitch account with Discord. This will allow you to use their custom emojis on any server you decide to join. Awesome huh?

Of course, you can always upload your own custom emojis explicitly tailored to your server to use as well. In order to do this you’ll need to:

  1. Head to the “Server Settings” tab. You do this by clicking on the server name and selecting the tab from the drop-down options provided.

  2. Once there, you’ll find the Emoji tab. Click it to open up the Server Emoji dialog.

    It’s here where you’ll be greeted with the “Don’t let your memes be dreams” text I spoke about at the beginning of the article. So long as you’re the server owner or have been granted the necessary Manage Emoji permission, you’ll have full access to the Emoji tab.
  3. From here, click the upload button off to the right and you can upload your own personalized emoji stash to the server.

You’re limited to 50 emoji uploads per server and those particular emojis will only work for the server of which they’ve been uploaded. If you try to use an emoji that was uploaded to a different server, you’ll be greeted with a message from Clyde:

The former is for when you attempt to type in the emoji by name and the latter message is received if chosen from the picker list. You may notice that some servers will show both the grayed out emojis as well as the universal ones. Just keep in mind that manually-uploaded emojis are server specific but those that are integrated are not. This includes any emojis you sync through Twitch.

Emojis are resized to 32×32 pixels and the upload should not exceed 128×128 pixels in order to obtain optimal resolution. The emoji list is auto-sorted for custom emojis by server so you should not have any trouble finding the emoji you’re looking for.


Reacting to Messages With Emojis

Sometimes less is more when it comes to a message response. It’s often possible that you can create a better emotional show of support by opting for a reaction as opposed to words or a manually placed emoji. Discord provides you the option for a quick response via the “Add Reactions” button.

To use a reaction, click on the +smiley to the right of the message. It will be located next to the menu icon.

Just click it and you’ll be provided with your full stable of emotes to choose from in order to quickly get your response across.

If one reaction isn’t enough, you can add more as the “Add Reactions” button will now be located off to the right of your current reaction emotes.

Similarly to the rapid-fire treatment above, you can hold down the Shift key while selecting emotes to keep the window open.

You also have the option of removing a reaction if you so choose. Just click on the box of the sent reaction and it will simply vanish. Your most commonly used emojis are also saved for quick reaction purposes. Right-click the message you’re looking to react to and all of your favorites are right there for ease of use.

If you want to find out who thinks your message was fire or who thought it was poop, when you right-click the message, in the dialog box there is the “Reactions” tab. Click on it and it will open a menu detailing who gave which reaction emote.


Adding Emojis to Channel’s Description & Nicknames

Maybe you’d like to add a few emojis to some of your channels or even your nickname. The process is a rather easy one and there are two ways I know how to go about it. The more technical way is to type in the full ID name of the emoji (\:emojiname:) directly.

An example would be typing in \:flame: to produce the 🔥 emoji.

This is a language known as Unicode. I will go out on a limb and say that most users of emojis may not be familiar with Unicode. So for them, there is a much simpler copy and paste option. There are likely quite a few sites online to choose from that can help you find the all the emojis you’ll ever need. I generally choose to use the site You can also learn you a little bit of Unicode by using if you’d prefer.

From the site, all you’ll need to do is locate the emoji you want to use, highlight it, right-click and choose copy. Then paste it into Discord where ever you need it. If you’re using the unicode site, when choosing the emoji to use, make sure you copy it from the Browser column.

It’s as simple as that.

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