How To Invite Someone to a Server in Discord

Posted by Joseph on January 28, 2019

Instant invites are a great way to allow your friends (and total strangers) access your Discord server so long as they have the link available. There are a few different parameters to which you can set your server invitation links that allow for total control over who, when, and for how long individuals can access it.

In this guide, I’ll go over all that I know on how to create and customize an Instant Invite on Discord.


Instant Invite To Discord Channel/Server On PC & Mac

To invite someone to a Discord channel (and server), you’ll need to have Instant Invite permissions. If you own the server, then you have them by default. For others, you’ll need the server owner to provide them to your role within the server.

With the proper permissions:

  1. Launch Discord either from your browser or the desktop app. The desktop app can be located in the Windows menu (PC) or the Applications folder (Mac) if you haven’t created a desktop shortcut. If you’d rather avoid downloading the app, you can head to https://www.discordapp.com and login through your browser.
  2. From the servers on the left hand side panel, click the one that you want to create an invite for. You’ll have the server channel list panel just to the right of the servers.
  3. Right-click on one of the channels (the one you want the invite to send the potential member to) and a pop-up menu will appear. The menu will have a few different options to choose but you’ll want to click on Instant Invite. This will prompt a window to pop up and present you with an invitation link.

    You can also click on the Instant Invite icon off to the right of the channel name.

    If you’re not currently in the channel, you’ll need to hover the mouse cursor over the channel for the icon to appear.
    By default, the Instant Invite Panel will display an access link that expires within 24 hours unless you’ve already adjusted the settings. In this case, whatever settings you previously gave for that specific channel will be displayed instead.
  4. At the bottom-right corner of the window, click Link Settings ( the gear).

    This will bring up a different window with a bit of customization options. You’ll now have the ability to change the duration of the link as well as how many times it can be accessed. The options available are:
  5. EXPIRE AFTER: This customization option allows you to select how long you want the link to remain active. You can choose between a few preset times beginning with 30 minutes up to 24 hours. You can also make it a permanent link that never expires by choosing Never. Those wanting to join your server will need to click the link prior to its expiration or will need to receive a new invitation.
  6. MAX NUMBER OF USES: Limit the amount of people you want to be able to use the link. If you’re only wanting a specific number of people to join the server’s channel, you can choose the cutoff amount. If you’ve adopted the approach “more the merrier”, choose No limit.
  7. GRANT TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP: If you’re only allowing people to come and go without the need for member retention, you can grant all that use the link a temporary pass. Toggle this option on and anyone who signs out of Discord after using the link, will be automatically kicked from the channel (and subsequently the server). Those who joined will need to receive another invite if they want to come back in.
  8. Once you’ve set the parameters of your instant invite, click on the Generate a New Link button on the bottom-right. This will take you back to the previous window with a new invitation URL.
  9. Click Copy to save the invitation link to your clipboard. You can also highlight the link and press CTRL+C (PC) or ⌘ CMD+C (Mac) if it makes you feel more comfortable. Also, you still have the option from this window to set the link to never expire. Just click the box marked “Set this link to never expire” on the lower-left. However, if you recently set a limit on the users, the link will still expire once that limit has been reached.
  10. You can now share the link with whomever you choose. Just paste the link into an email, forum post, tweet, or direct message and send it on its way. Click into the text box portion of whichever outlet you choose and paste by pressing CTRL+V (PC) or ⌘ CMD+V (Mac). You can even add them to certain sites that promote your server and place it on a list for all to see. Once a user clicks on the link you’ve provided, they’ll instantly be able to join the channel.


Instant Invite To Discord Channel/Server Using A Mobile Device

Invitations sent using a mobile device is not unlike sending them via PC or Mac. To get your invitation links out there while on the go:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your iOS or Android device and login to your account.
  2. At the top-left of the screen, tap the three vertically stacked, horizontal lines. This will open up your server list on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Tap on the server icon of the server from which you want to send invites. A list of all the text and voice channels of that server should now be pulled up on your screen.
  4. Just below the server name you’ll see the Instant Invite icon. Tap on it to open up a new page to create your invitation link.
  5. Under the “Instant Invite” section, tap Channel and select which channel the invite will be linked to. You can invite users to any of the chat channels available so long as permissions allow.
  6. Similarly to the PC and Mac walkthrough, you’ll now be able to select an expiration date for your invite, a maximum user limit, and if you’d like to make the invite temporary.
  7. Once you’ve finished customizing, you can tap on the invitation link at the top of your screen. This will copy the link to your clipboard so that you can paste it where needed. You can also choose to tap on the Share button, which will bring up a menu where you can select an app (Twitter, Facebook) to share it through.
  8. When you select an app, it will open it and bring up a list of your contacts. From here you can choose which of those contacts will receive the instant invite to your Discord channel (and server).
  9. Tap the Send button in the app you’re currently using and it will be transferred to the recipient to click on. Once they receive and click on the link, they can join your Discord channel (and server). If the person receiving the invite link doesn’t have a Discord account, they will need to sign up for one before they’ll be able to join.


Extra Information

Unless your links are set to never expire, they are set to be between five to seven characters in length. If you’d like to manage all of the links you’ve already generated and sent, you can pull up the Server Settings and click over to the “Invites” tab.

The tab shows who generated which link, how long until it expires, and how many times it’s been clicked. If you hover over the link using your cursor, you can permanently delete it by clicking on the red X that appears.

Remember that each individual text and voice channel has its own invite link settings. What settings you’ve applied to your #general channel does not apply to any of your other channels. If you want to set up all of your channels with the same instant invite parameters, you’ll need to do so for each one.

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