How To Cross Out or Strike Through Text in Discord

Posted by Joseph on February 26, 2019

Sometimes you just want to inject some flavor into your everyday text chat on Discord. For some, style is everything so to be able to add something as common and in some cases necessary as bold text into your messages, should be a quick and simple process.

“You got that right. Sometimes ALL CAPS just doesn’t get the point across.”

If you resonate with this statement, then you’re in luck! I’m going to show you some simple and easy Discord enabled formatting tricks to help you make your messages stand out.


Quite A Few Options

Discord uses the “Markdown Text” formatting system for creating letters in bold, italics, and when you need to place a strikethrough over one of your words or sentences. Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool written in Perl that uses a plain text formatting syntax.

Markdown was designed as an easier alternative to HTML while accomplishing the same end result. The greatest difference would be that with Markdown, there is no worrying about opening and closing tags or dealing with various menus. Instead, Markdown has chosen to use more familiar punctuation and characters to format text.

We’ll go into what Markdown options are available with Discord and how you can use it going forward. Let’s start with how to format bold letters.


Discord Bold Chat Formatting

As with most of the formatting options in this list, creating bold text in Discord is a very easy process. Using the aforementioned “Markdown Text” formatting system, in only four taps on a single key of your keyboard you can have all the bold lettering you could ever need.

Adding dual asterisks (**) to both sides of your text will cause it to come up in bold.

Writing **I’m the greatest!!** would come up in chat as:

I’m the greatest!!

You could even choose to highlight just the word greatest by typing it in as I’m the **greatest**!! Which would then come up as:

I’m the greatest!!

Super simple and intuitive.


Discord Italic Chat Formatting

Send a message in italics is even easier than sending one in bold but comes with two methods from which to choose. The first of these methods is using asterisks (*) like we did for the bold format, but instead of using two per side, you only need to use one per side.

Quoting your message like so *I’m the greatest!!* would spit out a message that appeared as:

I’m the greatest!!

Similarly to the bold format, you can place them around single words. *I’m* the greatest!! Then becomes:

I’m the greatest!!

The other method doesn’t necessarily make it easier as it is just as simple as the first. I suppose hand position on your keys or the need to memorize a separate key to not confuse italics with bold would cause you to opt for this method instead. Just replace the asterisk (*) with underscores (_) and your message will read the same way as _I’m the greatest!!_ becomes:

I’m the greatest!!


Italicized Bold Chat Formatting

Neither bold or italics doing the trick? What about if you combined the two? Seeing as you can type out italic messages using just a single asterisk (*) on both sides of the text, and bold messages using two (**), it should surprise no one that to format both would only take an additional asterisk (***).

Type out your message as ***I’m the greatest!!*** and watch the magic unfold. Your message should now read as:

I’m the greatest!!

Of course, like the rest, you can wrap the asterisks around a single word or short phrase within a sentence (or paragraph). This takes I’m ***the*** greatest!! And turns it into:

I’m the greatest!!

Doesn’t get any easier than that folks.


Underlined Chat Formatting

Coupling the bold with italic text may still just not be enough for some folks wanting to make their stance heard. Markdown Text has you covered. This is where you learn how to underline your text to make your message “pop”.

Keeping with the simplicity – quote your message with double underscores (__). This will have __I’m the greatest!!__ showing up in chat as:

I’m the greatest!!

Yes, it also is usable for singling out words or phrases, turning __I’m__ the __greatest__!! Into:

You can also get a bit fun with the Markdown Text and choose to mix everything together up to this point. __**I’m** _the_ ***greatest***__!! Quickly posts as:

Granted, that might get a little confusing if you’re not paying attention but still an easy to use formatting system nonetheless.


Discord Strikethrough Chat Formatting

Every once in a while, you may have said something that you want to be omitted and need to edit your message. You could always just delete it and start fresh, but maybe you’re the type of person who prefers to show their work. Or you just like correcting people. This is where the handy-dandy strikethrough comes in.

In order to add a strikethrough to your message, all you’ll have to do is quote it with two tildes (~~). The tilde is located just below the ESC key on most PC keyboards and shares itself with the accent key. You’ll need two of these on both sides of the message for ~~I’m the greatest!!~~ to show up as:

I’m the greatest!!

As usual, plop down a couple ~ on either side of a single word and you’ll turn ~~I’m~~ the greatest!! Into:

I’m the greatest!!


Ways to Quote Discord Messages

To my knowledge, Discord has yet to add a built-in official feature that allows its users to quote what others have said. We’re left instead, to use the Code Block feature which, as appearances go, is somewhat the same thing.

Code blocks are generally used for one of two reasons. You either want to highlight code or wish to make messages appear more colorful. Here’s how you can do that in Discord.

One Line Code Block

One line code blocks are a chat markup feature, usually used to highlight code that allows it to be read more easily. It can also be used as a viable replacement for a quote feature in Discord. It works exceedingly well for highlighting a specific part of a chat message that you’d like to have stood out.

Applying a grave accent (`) at the open and close of a piece of text in Discord will create a one-line code block. By typing in `I’m the greatest!!` you’ll receive:

The one above is the code block while the text below is a basic message.

A super simple one line code block. Not fancy enough for how you were hoping the quote would appear? Then you’re probably looking for a Multiline Code Block.

Multiline Code Block

The fancier method of replicating a quote is definitely by using multi-line code blocks. Create one by quoting the intended message with not one but three grave accents (“`) at the beginning and end of the text. Turn,







Using A Discord Bot

Server admins can add a bot to every channel they want to enable quoting. This method can be more or less convenient than the manual typing alternative. It will all depend on the admin and how convenient they wish to make the process to other members who may not be familiar with Markdown Text formatting.

There are plenty of bots available that can easily provide a message quoting function. QuoteBot can definitely help you with this endeavor and if interested, for developers wanting to look at the coding for the bot, here is the Source Code.


Adding A New Line Within A Message

Some folks may want to be courteous (or uncourteous depending on how you feel about walls of text) and divide their text up into more easily digestible paragraphs prior to sending out their message. This is easily achievable and simple to do.

By pressing and holding down the SHIFT key and then tapping ENTER, you will create a new line to begin texting without your message being sent. This works for both Windows and Mac enthusiasts as well as all other operating systems currently out there.

So far as I know, this is all of the current Markdown Text formatting options that Discord currently has enabled. Please let me know if anything has been missed and I hope that this has helped with your Discord messaging experience.

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