When Will Disney+ Be Available?

Despite its collaboration with Netflix, Disney has decided to part ways and release a streaming service of its own, called Disney Plus (Disney+). In order to be able to compete with the best, Disney needs to come up with great upsides. That’s exactly what it did, due to a great number of shows already announced exclusively for Disney+, as well as a lower initial price tag.

With Disney+ just around the corner, let’s go over all the details that we know so far, from the streaming service’s release date to the list of shows that it will offer.

Release Date

The release date of the newest streaming service is already known. November 12 is the day when Disney+ releases, but it will only be initially available in the US, the Netherlands, and Canada. Fortunately enough, it will be available in Australia and New Zealand just a week later, on November 19.

This is no coincidence, as this period is exactly when some of the biggest Disney titles hit the theaters. For example, the next Star Wars episode, titled “The Rise of Skywalker,” is scheduled for December 20, while Frozen 2 gets to cinemas on November 22.

Disney is planning to expand, naturally, but somewhat slowly, as it’s planning to become available all over the world in the following two years. The first regions that are not already mentioned that will first get to experience what Disney+ is like are Western Europe and Asia Pacific, with both getting this streaming service as early as in October 2019.


However, it will get released before March 2020 in Western Europe, while the latest release date is not known for Asia. It won’t get to Eastern Europe and Latin America before October 2020. When it comes to any further info about the release date, there’s a year-long release span for the former region, while the latter’s one is currently set at three months.

The person that leads the Disney Plus’ launch division, Kevin Mayer, did not mention any other August launch dates. Still, he believes that people will be satisfied with the release dates for international markets.

For the record, anyone who has attended D23, the Disney fan convention, has had the chance to preregister for Disney+. The convention lasted from August 23 to August 25.


Just like the release dates, the monthly Disney Plus membership fee will also depend on the country you’re in. However you turn it, though, the Disney’s service monthly fee is much lower than that of similar services. It will only cost $7 to stream Disney+ in America for a month, with a discounted price for a yearly subscription of $70.

Meanwhile, a monthly subscription fee will amount C$9, and a yearly one C$90. In the Netherlands, monthly and yearly subscriptions will cost € 7 and € 70, respectively. This translates to A$9 and A$90 for Australia, as well as NZ$10 and NZ$100 for New Zealand.

Disney is also planning on bundling Disney+ with Hulu and ESPN Plus, with only Hulu having ads. You can get a $5 discount by subscribing to all of these. This raises the price closer to Netflix’s and makes it a great deal, especially since Disney Plus lets everyone stream its content on up to four devices. It will also allow for streaming in 4K, both at no additional cost, giving Netflix premium tier benefits at a much lower price.

However, the Disney Plus’ $7 monthly fee is just an initial price that might change should the streaming service’s popularity and catalog rise. According to the Disney CEO, Bob Iger, when Disney Plus launches, it won’t have as much content as Netflix does. In other words, this is why it needs to offer a lower subscription fee, as well as why it might go up as the amount of exclusive and original Disney content rises.

Whoever attended the D23 convention could subscribe for three years for about $140, which equals nearly $4 a month. Unfortunately, this was only available to US attendees and only until September 2.


Since this is Disney’s streaming platform, it’s divided into five major categories, all franchises that are owned by Disney: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. It will have classic titles both old and new, such as the first Disney cartoon with sound, “Steamboat Willie,” along with “Lilo and Stitch,” “Inside Out,” etc. It’s also set to include both original series and shorts as well.

Disney now owns Star Wars, which means that you can watch any Star Wars episode, TV show, or spin-off on Disney+. This most notably includes The Mandalorian, the newest live-action Star Wars show.

Unfortunately, not all 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies will be available on the platform, but most of them will. Also, each Marvel movie made in 2019 onward will be available on Disney Plus and not its main competitor, Netflix. The first Marvel movie that will go right to Disney Plus is Captain Marvel.

Cpt. Marvel

Surprisingly, not all movies and shows will belong to these five categories. You’ll be even able to watch some of the best known Fox franchises on Disney Plus. All thirty seasons of The Simpsons, for example, will be available as soon as the service launches. This is quite a surprise because The Simpsons were only available on Fox Now, Fox’s streaming service, recently. Some other Fox shows that will be available is Malcolm in the Middle, The Sound of Music, and The Princess Bride.

The Anticipation

It’s just a matter of months before Disney Plus comes to your TV, smartphone, game console, or streaming media box. Its monthly subscription fee is almost twice as cheap compared to Netflix’s, so you might want to subscribe as soon as possible. Even if Disney+ somehow turns out to be a disappointment, you can watch Disney’s and other classic at a low price.

What are your thoughts about the newest addition to the streaming service catalog? Which show or movie or you looking forward to watching the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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