Do You Need to Pay Tinder for It to Work Properly?

Posted by Arch on February 27, 2019

Online dating can be entirely cost-free, but investing money in your dating app could improve your matches and save time.

Some people opt for exclusive dating apps. These sites and apps charge a hefty fee, and they also tend to have a rigorous application process. You may have to submit your Facebook and Linkedin for consideration. Your income, your appearance, and your online presence will all get judged.

If the thought sounds unappealing, Tinder could be a better option. This is the world’s best-known dating app. It’s used in over 190 countries, and it has around 50 million users.

With that kind of selection, you are sure to find someone you will click with.

Using Tinder is time-consuming, though. It also has some limitations. For example, you can’t undo an accidental swipe in the wrong direction. Many Tinder users solve these issues by investing in premium features.

How Can the Premium Features Improve Your Tinder Experience?

If you like, you can invest in a Tinder Boost or some Super Likes. These features increase your chances of getting noticed. Tinder also offers monthly subscription options – Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Let’s take a quick look at what these terms mean.

1. Tinder Boosts

The purpose of a Boost is simply to get you noticed. If you deploy one, you will change the stacks of all your potential matches. Your profile will come up near the top of their stacks.

Hence, you can quietly push ahead of your competition. Boosts are especially useful in crowded areas with many Tinder users. Your potential matches won’t know you used a Boost.

When is the best time to use your Boost? Make sure to use it when you have time to respond to any matches. It is also a good idea to wait for a high-traffic period such as Sunday evening.

Boosts are available in bundles, or you can get one per month if you subscribe to Plus or Gold.

2. Super Likes

What if someone’s profile really appeals to you? Is there any way you to encourage them to swipe right on your profile?

A Super Like is a way to show your appreciation. When your profile shows up in their stack, your potential match will see a blue star. This signals that you like them a lot. If they’re not sure whether they want to meet you, this can give them some extra incentive.

Everyone on Tinder gets one free Super Like a day. Plus and Gold subscribers can use up to five of them daily. If you need more Super Likes than that, you can buy them in various packages.

3. Tinder Plus

The monthly fee for Tinder Plus starts at $9.99.

Plus gives you one Boost per month and five Super Likes per day, but the perks go beyond that.

With this feature, there’s no limit on how many times you can swipe right. It also lets you change your mind. If you swiped in the wrong direction, you can act immediately and rewind your swipe.

Tinder Passport may be the most interesting Plus feature. If you want to explore other cities or countries, use Passport to choose a new location.

Plus is particularly popular among users who travel a lot. You can be away on a business trip and still go through potential dates at home. It is also a great option if you’re moving to a new place and want to meet people in advance.

4. Tinder Gold

Gold can offer you everything that Plus can, and it costs around $5 more. There is one key difference between the two features.

With Gold, you can see who liked your profile. This speeds up your dating game. Instead of going through your stack and hoping for a match, you can focus on the people who’ve already shown interest. If you like some of them back, you’ll get an instant match.

Looking at the Numbers in General

Statistics from 2018 show that 13% of American dating app users pay for premium features. An additional 19% of users have paid for premium features in the past. Around one in two respondents said that they would never pay for online dating. The remaining 18% were either uncertain or willing to consider it.

Men are likelier to spend on premium options. 19% of male respondents said that they were currently paying for extra features on their dating app. Only 6% of women were willing to make this investment.

Looking at the Numbers on Tinder

At the moment, Tinder has over 50 million members worldwide. The number of paying subscribers is around 3.8 million. In other words, around 7.6% of Tinder users go for the premium features.

So What’s the Best Option for You?

Should you join the 7.6% of Tinder users who pay for this app’s services? The answer depends on your lifestyle.

Do you travel a lot? Are you often too busy to go through Tinder’s stacks? Do you feel that it’s difficult to stand out because you live in a crowded area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Tinder’s premium options might be perfect for you. Keep in mind that they’re considerably less expensive than joining an exclusive dating site.

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