Does Instagram Live Have a Time Limit?

Does Instagram Live have a time limit? How do I find Live videos to watch? How can I create my own feed on Instagram Live? How can I send my Instagram Live videos to people? All these questions and more will be answered in this post!

Instagram Live is the social network’s answer to the increase in our appetite for video over other mediums. We watch more video than anything else and even though it is momentary and gone in an instant, we love it. While I will always be a fan of the written word, there is no denying that video is the way forward in media. TechJunkie receives a lot of questions around Instagram Live so we thought it about time we answered some of them.

Does Instagram Live have a time limit?

There is currently a time limit of one hour on Instagram Live. Broadcasts can last up to 60 minutes and will then stop. You can start again immediately but only for another hour. While some of us would have trouble filling two minutes of live video, some people can talk forever. If you’re one of the lucky latter, you will be a hit on Instagram Live.

How do I find Live videos to watch?

From within the Stories section of Instagram, you should see a little box that says Live if the people you follow are broadcasting live on the network. You can also select Explore to see who is broadcasting right now and select them to watch. Instagram sorts Live videos by popularity so the ones at the top of the screen are the most popular while those further down are less so.

You can select to tune in and select the heart to show appreciation. You can comment as you usually would.

How can I create my own feed on Instagram Live?

Think you have what it takes to broadcast on Instagram Live? Getting started is simple. Select the Your Story profile image, select the camera icon or swipe right and select a recording option. You have Normal for a normal video, Boomerang for a loop, Rewind for a video that plays backwards, Hands free for a 15 second video where you don’t need to hold down the record button and Live, to broadcast live to the world.

You will obviously want to select the Live option. Select Start Live Video to begin your broadcast. If you want to check the settings, select the cog icon and make your selection.

How can I send my Instagram Live videos to people?

If you want friends to watch your Instagram Live video, you can alert them while it’s happening. It will appear in their own Stories section but you can DM them to let them know you’re on Live. Set the video up as above and begin your broadcast, select the DM icon at the bottom of the screen and select who to send it to. Hit Send and they will be alerted to your broadcast. They can tune in from the link.

Tips for creating good quality Instagram Live videos

If you want to take your Instagram Live videos to the next level and be better than the rest, you can. Even though Instagram Live is a no-frills feature, you can still shine on the platform with a few simple tricks.

Practice makes perfect

Even though Instagram Live is all about real time and supposedly off the cuff broadcasts, everyone who wants to look good practices even in secret. You need to know how you come across, what speed to talk, what angle to set the camera and to sit and a ton of other stuff. Spend some time recording yourself elsewhere and then watching it back. Make adjustments as you go so you always look your best.

Use a tripod

Stabilization is a key technique for broadcast quality video. Nobody wants that seasick feeling you get when someone is holding their phone. You can buy a simple tripod for less than $10 and if you want to get into video it is a worthy investment.

Think about lighting and sound

The best broadcasts will consider good lighting and clear sound. If you’re in a room, make sure the light levels are good. The phone mic will likely be enough when ambient noise is low. If you’re broadcasting outside, an external mic will be better as you can isolate your audio over ambient. Audio quality cannot be overstated so it is worth spending time on this over other elements of mastering Instagram Live videos.

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