Does Instagram Marketing Work? Let Us Break it Down

Posted by Arch on January 29, 2019

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform, so it makes perfect sense that a lot of people and businesses want to use it as a marketing tool. What’s more, many claim that it works better than Facebook or Twitter in that respect.

Instagram has become a powerhouse when it comes to promoting a business or a brand online due to the huge emphasis on visual content rather than text. Stories, videos, advanced metrics – all of these can be used to generate exposure and attract new followers.

How you do it, though, is entirely up to you as Instagram marketing can be both free and paid. If you want to grow a small to medium brand or business with the help of the platform, here is what you need to know to get started with Instagram marketing.


Instagram Business Profile

If you really want to take advantage of Instagram marketing, then you need a business profile. This will give you access to a number of features that you can use to create targeted ads.

First off, an Instagram Business profile allows you to use analytics tools like the Insights feature. By doing this, you’re able to see detailed graphs displaying your optimal posting hours based on your follower’s activity, information about the reach of your content, as well as various other metrics.

You’re also able to promote posts by turning them into ads. This will give them a higher priority in the news feeds which, in turn, will potentially get you more views. Another cool thing about the business profile is that it lets you create easy-access links to your website and put up a contact button for your followers.

The call-to-action buttons are an amazing marketing tool for any type of business, so if you want to get the most out of Instagram marketing, you can’t miss the opportunity to use them.

Other Tips

Of course, Instagram’s marketing tools won’t do all the work for you. You still have to put in the effort when it comes to creating and editing your content ahead of time. If you’re trying to stick to a schedule – and you should – you can’t afford to let your posts be last-minute additions.

You can take advantage of the Instagram scheduling tools and the Insights feature to set up an almost automated posting schedule that always targets your followers during their periods of peak online activity.

Creating Contests

Marketing is all about exposure and there’s no better way to get exposure than by drawing the audience in with fun and engaging contests. The most popular choices on Instagram are like contests and photo contests.

Like Contests

These generally require users to like one of your photos in order to place them in a lottery pool. Additionally, you may ask them to also follow your account to be in consideration for the main prize(s). These contests don’t require any hard work from users and are thus more likely to get them involved.

Photo Contests

Photo contests make use of one of the most popular social media inventions: the hashtag. These contests usually require users to post a specific type of photo and add a hashtag you came up with to the caption so that they would be considered for the prize.

This is what generates a lot of exposure if you already have a decent enough following. This is also how trends start and how things go viral. What’s even better is that this is almost 100% free marketing. Sure, you’ll have to put up a prize, but you don’t have to pay for ads and marketing tools nor do you have to put up a million dollar payout.

It’s all about how fun you make the challenge.

Final Word

Don’t ever go for the most obvious solution! Chances are you’re in the same business as many others who are also trying to make a killing on Instagram. Always check your competition if you want to succeed on Instagram. Don’t use the same techniques your competitors are using at the same time or other users will likely see this as a desperate move.

Instagram marketing works just as well as Facebook marketing or Twitter marketing. For some businesses, it may actually be even better because the visual nature of the platform allows them to build a more intimate connection with their followers.

However, unless you want to invest big bucks in advertising tools, campaigns, or hiring an outside advertising agency, you need to understand at least a few basic principles of marketing to run successful Instagram campaigns. Getting exposure on your own is possible as long as you know how to create engaging content and are willing to invest time and effort to ensure that you’re aiming it at the right type of audience.

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