Does Snapchat Log You Out Automatically? Or Is This a Bad Sign?

Posted by Arch on February 1, 2019

One of the weird parts of the human condition, in general, is the tendency towards rogue behavior.

Take piracy, for example. From tough ‘n’ rugged corsairs who roamed the Barbary coast in search of unsuspecting merchant ships to weather-beaten privateers who’d strike terror into the hearts of the Royal Navy, us humans have always had a taste for stealing something that’s not ours and making a fat ole profit out of it!

Nowadays, the sea dogs of yore represent pretty much the thing of the past, as only a small number of devout Somalians keep the ancient trade alive. (Not that we condone such behavior, of course. Just saying it for the record.)

That being said, piracy in this day and age has taken on a new form. Instead of heavily armed lime-chewin’ tough men and women with buckled shoes and awesome hats, you have an invisible army of Internet-scouring hackers who look for poorly-secured accounts to break into and bootleg content to disseminate across the wavy waters of the World Wide Web.

In this article, we’ll talk about Snapchat and the strange occurrence of stolen profiles on this otherwise quite innocent social media platform. To be more precise, we’ll try to figure out what potential peril lies behind the constant logging out that some users experience. (Or, perhaps it’s not a big deal at all!)

Anyway, without further ado, let’s crack open this chest o’ secrets and see what could possibly be the reason behind this annoying occurrence!

Update-Related Log Outs

Starting off on somewhat of a light note, constant logging out of your Snapchat account can sometimes happen due to a pending update you haven’t yet let through.

As is the case with pretty much any piece of software that’s in cahoots with the Internet and provides people with some service or the other, every now and again, it will need an update. Now, even though the folks at the helm of the entire operation usually tell their users of their update plans in advance, sometimes you can just miss the memo and then be surprised when your app starts acting up.

The thing is, in order to implement the changes introduced by the company who made them, social media platforms often need to be shut down temporarily. So, if you were in the middle of something and you just got logged out seemingly out of the blue, check if there’s some sort of update pending first! (And freak out only later, if there’s no update in sight!)

You Might be Logged In on Multiple Devices!

Sometimes, your logging issues may be quite banal. For example, if the social media platform you have an account on can function on multiple devices (which most of them can nowadays), trying to log in to the same account from two or more devices at the same time may result in a ‘denied access’ sort of message!

So, if you can’t log in to your Snapchat account on your iPhone, for example, check if you haven’t already logged in on some other device. Being logged in on several devices at the same time will often be considered a security issue by the app’s software, so, in order to exclude this possibility from the equation, make sure to stay logged in on just one device of your preference.

If the problems still persist after you’ve done this, you can start suspecting of foul play.

The Foul Play (along with its most usual symptoms)

A Friendly Warning: Tough stuff ahead folks! Tough, heart-breaking stuff for an avid Snapchatter!

There’s nothing holy to some people out there on the Internet, it seems. Even if your Snapchat account is all laughs and merry snaps, some evil hacker will make cunning plans to steal your content and worse still- hijack your identity!

Here are some red flags that might suggest your Snapchat account has been hacked:

Odd Activities on Your Profile

If you keep finding messages or snaps on your profile that you don’t remember putting there, there’s a good chance someone’s hacked into your account. Whenever you suspect that something fishy is going on with your Snapchat profile, immediately contact the Snapchat support folks who will help you resolve the issue as fast as possible!

Snapchat Support Sends Warning Emails

In case there’s an unusually large number of log-ins to your account coming from different devices, Snapchat support will automatically send out a warning email to notify you of it. Be sure to read these carefully and inspect if the log-ins were all coming from you (in case you have multiple devices), or they’re coming from a different source.

Having to Log In Over and Over

This one is the most obvious sign of them all. If you have to log in to your account all the time even though you haven’t logged out previously, it may mean that someone else is trying to break into your profile illegally, so to speak! If this happens, notify Snapchat support immediately!

So, that would be it, folks. Hackers are getting smarter these days, so it never hurts to be a bit extra careful when it comes to handling your password, opening strange-looking emails, and chatting with strangers. We hope you found this article helpful and be safe when Snapchatting!

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