Does Snapchat Notify when You View Someone’s Story?

Posted by Jamie on May 28, 2019

Does Snapchat notify when you view someone’s story? Will they see if you rewatch it or take a screenshot of it?

Snapchat is a neat twist on social networking. Rather than posting something and leaving it there forever to haunt you in later life, it shifts that to a brief impermanence. This time component triggers a psychological need to take action along with a healthy dose of FOMO. This works for users as there is always something fresh to see. It works for the network as we are psychologically predisposed to want to keep using it because of that Fear Of Missing Out.

That combination, plus its ease of use and concentration on lighthearted sharing makes it a great place to spend time even if you’re not particularly creative. Even if you don’t upload much, other people certainly do!

Does Snapchat notify when you view someone’s Story?

Despite having a bunch of notifications, including random ones like Friends Birthdays, there are very few notifications for Stories. That includes when people watch or interact with it. You can be notified of Stories from friends but you will not see any notification when they watch your story.

You can still find out though from within the Story itself. If you navigate to your Stories page, you should see a list of the Stories you have posted and an eye icon to the right. There is a number next to that eye which counts the total number of people who have viewed it.

Select the eye icon and you will be taken to another page that shows you who has viewed it. It’s in reverse chronological order with the most recent view at the top and earliest view at the bottom.

Will someone know if you rewatch a Snapchat Story?

When Snapchat first launched, you knew who rewatched your stuff because they would have a star emoji next to their name. That was updated out a while ago and now there is no way to know how many times someone has watched a Snapchat Story or viewed a Snap.

To be honest, I’m not sure it matters how many times a friend watches a Story. As long as they watch it and continue to interact with you on Snapchat, what does it really matter how many times they view something you post?

Does Snapchat notify when you screenshot a Story or post?

Again, Snapchat doesn’t notify you with a push notification if someone screenshots something in the app but it does let you know. There is a specific icon, two horizontal crossed arrows that signifies someone has screenshotted. You will see this in posts and Stories and it tells you someone has taken a screenshot.

In a Story, you will find this notification when you select the eye icon to see who has viewed it. You will see the crossed arrow icon because a name if they took a screenie.

In a Post or Chat, you will see the arrow icon next to a name you have interacted with or who has viewed a post or chat. It’s the same icon but may have a description underneath that says ‘Screenshot 24m ago’ or words to that effect.

Controlling who can see your Snapchat Story

If you’re concerned about who may be viewing your Snaps or Stories, you can control who sees them, to a certain degree anyway. There are privacy options within Snapchat that you can use to filter out randoms and narrow the field who can view you or your stuff on Snapchat.

  1. Open your Snapchat profile and select Settings.
  2. Select ‘Who Can…’ and then ‘View My Story’.
  3. Select a setting from the list.

Your options are Everyone, Friends Only or Custom. Everyone means your post will be publicly viewable by anyone using Snapchat who follows you. Friends Only means it will only be viewable to those whom you follow back. Custom is a more restrictive setting that allows you to name individual users who can see your Snap or Story.

As far as I know, you cannot set this for every individual Snap or Story. This is a global setting and will cover all Snaps and Stories you post while the setting is active.

Notifications are somewhat limited in Snapchat but I think that’s a good thing as well as bad. Not everyone wants their phone continually buzzing as someone does something on one of the many social networks we use. Life is already full of distractions so it’s nice to have activities logged and be able to check them out in our own time.

What do you think of the Snapchat notification system. Like it? Work for you? Tell us your opinion below!

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