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Double Tap On Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has only been on the market for a few months but folks are already applauding the many interesting features that can be found on it. Among these is the Double Touch to Sleep and Double Tap to Wake features. These two features are continuously gaining popularity among Samsung Galaxy S9 owners. The setup of these two features is quite simple, you only have to enable your smartphone to respond to repetitive touches in an associated sequence. For the case of the double tap, therefore, your Galaxy S9 will have a particular action which is either to Sleep on Wake your smartphone.

If you activate the double tap and your smartphone recognizes the sequence when the Galaxy S9 is in the wake-up mode, then it will automatically go into the Sleep Mode. But if your smartphone is in Sleep mode and then you perform the double tap action, then it will automatically wake up.

This feature will provide you with a very great experience but for some reasons, Samsung doesn’t give it so much attention but instead, they give a lot of focus to the Always On Feature. For this reason, the Double Touch feature to Wake or to Sleep may be quite impossible on Samsung Galaxy S9.

Despite that, it will suffice to use the free custom launcher or a third party app to enable your Galaxy S9 to function using these steps. At the moment the only option you have is a paid one. This is in our opinion, the best you can get. If you know about the Nova Launcher, then that is the option we are recommending. The Nova launcher app can be downloaded for free, however, the gesture commands which you will need to use can only be accessed through a subscription.

How To Enable Double Tap On Galaxy S9

  1. You will first need to download the Nova Launcher app
  2. You can then get the paid version of Nova launcher from here [1];
  3. On your Galaxy S9, go to the Settings menu
  4. Identify  application option and select on Default Application
  5. From here, choose from Home screen
  6. There is a list you will be shown from which you must select the Nova launcher app which will set it as your default launcher.
  7. You can tap the home button anytime you need to head back to the home screen
  8. Tap on an empty spot on your home screen and hold on it
  9. From the options, select Settings
  10. Now tap on Gestures and Inputs
  11. A new screen will be displayed and from it you can select the Double tap option
  12. Now choose the Screen lock feature and press the home key once again.
  13. Tap and hold an empty space on your home screen and tap on Enable
  14. From the right bottom area, you can tap on the Activate button.

Once you complete all the fourteen steps highlighted above, you will be ready to start using the double tap feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9 to wake to sleep your smartphone.

You can alternatively choose to explore the internet for any other apps that can be used to perform the same functions but there is a need to be cautious when using such apps to turn your screen on and off.