How To Download Facebook Video on Android

Since originally publishing this article, we have created our own VERY SIMPLE to use Facebook video downloading tool that will work from your Mac, PC, iPhone or Android. Please give it a try here.

There are always lots of fun videos to consume out there on the internet especially on Facebook. You will be amazed(or not) at the amount of cat videos out there. If you are not careful, you will probably spend way too much time watching hilarious videos on Facebook.

Despite the quantity of videos out there however, you will probably forget about most of them in a relatively short period of time. There are some videos however, that for whatever reason mean something to you and you will wish to save them.

Facebook already facilitates by allowing you to add videos to a Saved list. You may wish to take this a step further however and download your special videos so that you can view them at any time whether you have an internet connection or not.

The app MyVideoDownloader for Facebook facilitates this and we will be walking through how it works.

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook

After downloading the app, open it and you will then need to log-in to your Facebook account in order to begin the process.


Select Log In, enter your account details, and you will then be able to view your Facebook Newsfeed via the app’s built in explorer.


If you see a video that you like and you wish to download it, touch it and you will be presented with the following options:

  • Play
  • Download
  • Share
  • Save
  • Copy Link

Select Download.


If the video you wish to download was not previous liked by you, is not on your timeline, saved by you, shared by you or you were not tagged in it, then it is usually better to download it using the app’s Explorer.

Options such as Friends and Groups are there for legacy reasons and could potentially work very slowly and could break at any point in the future.


If the video you wish to download was previous liked by you, is on your timeline, saved by you, shared by you or you are tagged in it, you can also download videos by selecting the My videos option.


You will be presented with the following categories:

  • Liked videos
  • On your timeline
  • Shared by you
  • Tagged videos
  • Saved videos

Select the category you want to browse for videos. After you locate the video you wish to download, select the downward arrow accompanying that particular video and select Download.


Videos are saved within the Movies folder on your device’s storage media by default. Specifically within Movies>Facebook. This storage location can be changed within the app’s settings.


Using the Mobile Site

Since Android uses Google Chrome as its primary web browser of choice, it’s actually not too difficult to save videos onto your Android device—in fact, you have a few distinct ways to do so. Using Chrome, load the mobile Facebook site on your device and log into the site. Make sure not to use the application for Android, as this method won’t work inside Facebook’s own app. Using the mobile site, navigate to the video you were looking to download to your device. If you need help finding the video on the mobile browser site because you found the original video on the mobile app, you can typically use the Share function on Android to get an easy copy-and-paste link to that video.


Once you’ve loaded the video, simply hold your finger down on the video until the “Save Video” prompt appears on your device. This may take a few moments to appear, so don’t lose patience. Tap the button and your download will begin to your device. Depending on the resolution and length of the video, it may take a couple minutes to download. While there are a ton of choices in browser on Android, we tested this specifically on Chrome and Samsung Internet, our two favorite browsers on Android right now. Both can download videos straight to your device, making it a pretty easy task to start playing your collection offline to save data.


MyVideoDownloader for Facebook worked well at the task it was meant to do. It downloaded videos and having the explorer built right into the app meant that a complex method did not need to be employed to download videos.

Some things that were minor annoyances to me however were the ads within the app and the lack of clear organization of videos under My videos. I understand that the developer will be seeking to make some income from his app, so the ads are understandable.

In terms of the organization of videos however, I just don’t understand how the videos are arranged when you select the My videos option for instance and then go to one of the categories such as Saved videos. The videos don’t seem to be organized via alphabetical order or by date or anything.

Other than that, the process was simple and the app worked well.

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