How To Download Facebook Videos on to Your iPhone

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Watching videos is one of the most popular and common uses of the iPhone today. While YouTube is still unquestionably the most popular place to watch videos, Facebook is building up steam. That’s right, Facebook is no longer simply about sharing information with others and seeing what other people are up to, you can now watch thousands and thousands of different videos right in the app.

So while Facebook is a great place to watch videos, the app itself needs the internet to work of course. When you are in a wifi area that’s fine, but if you aren’t connected to the internet and still want to watch Facebook videos, you are out of luck. Sure, you can use data, but that will run out very quickly if you watch videos too long.

If only there was a way to watch Facebook videos on your device without having to use data or be connected to the internet. Well thankfully, there are! There is no inherent or included feature that lets people simply save a Facebook video to their phone, but there are a number of different apps out there that you can download to make it possible to save/download Facebook videos.

Before you go ahead and download facebook videos, make sure you are aware of how much free space and storage you have on your iPhone. If you don’t have a lot of room on your device, you won’t be able to download and save that many videos. Once that is taken care of and you have enough space to save videos, it’s time to choose an app that you want to use to download Facebook videos to your device.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of different apps out there which people can use to download Facebook videos to the iPhone. Many of the apps are free, while some other might cost money. While many are apps downloaded to your phone, some others are actual programs that you can run from your desktop. Some of the most popular are MyMedia, Video Downloader Plus, and AnyTrans.

These apps will all have their own step by step processes and methods for downloading videos right from Facebook.  Whichever one you choose, you can rest assured that most of these apps make it simple for users to figure out exactly how to get these Facebook videos downloaded. For example, using MyMedia, all you have to do is copy the link from the video, go to and then download the file. Meanwhile, others might have that download option right in the app itself.

As is the nature of apps and programs like these, there are always new competitors and old ones going out of business, so don’t be surprised if the app you use is discontinued or a new one emerges that takes it’s place. Hopefully, one of the above apps (or one you discovered on your own) can help you out with getting Facebook videos onto your device. Hopefully, Apple eventually comes out with a built-in feature or option that allows people to download Facebook videos without having to use an app at all.

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