How To Download & Watch Movies on to your Amazon Firestick

Posted by Jamie on November 28, 2018

Movies are a huge part of our streaming habit and the ability to access the movies we want when we want is part of the convenience we expect from our streaming services. Can you download movies onto your Amazon Fire TV Stick? No, not directly as the stick doesn’t have the storage to save the movie. However, there are ways to download movies onto other devices for later consumption.

You can use Amazon Prime Video to watch movies available on that service. You can use another streaming service such as Hulu through your Amazon Fire TV Stick or you can use Kodi or Plex to view your own movies or stream them from elsewhere through the app. I’ll cover all three.

Watch Amazon Prime movies on a Fire TV Stick

The first and easiest way to download movies is to use Amazon Prime. Not all movies are available for download. Some can only be streamed but others can be downloaded onto a device for later watching. When browsing for something to watch, if a Download button appears by the listing, you can do just that and watch it later. If there is no Download button, you cannot save it for later.

If you download in this way, you can then cast it from your device to Fire TV if using a Windows or Mac laptop.

When you download a movie onto your device you will be notified of the time period within which you can watch it. All downloads are time limited so make sure to watch it before it expires otherwise it will delete itself before you get to see it.

Another limitation of Amazon Prime is a maximum number of downloads you can have at once. The number is reasonable, between 15 to 25 at any one time but a download limit does seem a little arbitrary given that they are also time limited. Nevertheless, it is what it is so bear it in mind when using the service.

Download movies onto your Amazon Fire TV Stick with other apps

Other streaming services also allow you to download movies. Hulu, DirecTV, Netflix, Starz and YouTube Red are just some of the streaming services that allow you to download some movies. Again, it is limited by movie and you will be able to download some but not others and they are also time limited.

Again, you can download to a computer and cast or mirror to the TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick as you require.

These limitations seem to be a license thing and probably out of the control of Amazon or the streaming service in question. Either way, it’s a pain when you’re paying money to access a legitimate service and are hamstrung in this way. Especially as it is so easy to use a less-than legal way to access movies and can then view then at will.

Use Kodi to watch downloaded movies on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

You can install Kodi into your Amazon Fire TV Stick and either stream using apps or add your own saved content as a media source. It takes a little setting up but once done, it works like a charm. You will need to set up Kodi on your Firestick and on the computer that you store your media. Then we need to make sure both can see each other in order to stream.

Here’s how to set it all up:

  1. Select Settings on the Fire TV Stick Home screen.
  2. Navigate to Device and Developer Options.
  3. Turn Allow apps from unknown sources On.
  4. Navigate back to the Fire TV Home screen.
  5. Use Search to find Downloader and select to install it.
  6. Open Downloader and allow it to access your photos, media and files.
  7. Downloader will prompt you for a URL, add ‘http://kodi.tv/download’ and select Go.
  8. Select the ARMV7A (32 BIT) of Kodi and then Install.
  9. Navigate back to the Fire TV Home screen.
  10. Select Your Apps & Games and find the Kodi app.
  11. Install Kodi onto the computer that has all your media.
  12. Open Kodi on the computer.
  13. Select the gear icon to open Settings.
  14. Select Service Settings and then select UPnP/DLNA.
  15. Toggle Share my libraries and all options on.
  16. Open the Kodi app on your Fire TV Stick.
  17. Select Files from the left menu and Add videos.
  18. Select Browse and then UPnP Devices.
  19. Select Video Library and select OK.
  20. Rename the library if necessary and browse it to play your movie.

If you follow these instructions exactly, you should be able to stream your downloaded movies to your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Kodi is exceptionally good at managing itself and should find the other Kodi app, link to it and stream content directly to it. One more way to enjoy your content!

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Tim morgan says:
We have no cable service where we are. I have amazon prime. I download stuff to watch on my kindle fire . How can I watch prime on my tv?

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