4 Google Chrome Extensions to Download & Save YouTube Videos

YouTube is the foremost video site that has loads of terrific videos. Of course, you can always play the clips on that site without downloading them. However, there are also a few extensions available for Google Chrome that enable you to save the videos to your HDD folders. Then you can open the videos in alternative media players instead.

First, it’s worth noting that Google’s YouTube terms of service permit you to download videos only if the site includes an official download button for the content. As such, it’s not really within YouTube’s terms of service to download video content with third-party software and extensions. Still, there are some YouTube video download extensions for Chrome and other browsers; and so long as you’re downloading a video just for your own offline use, and nothing else, that should be ok.

Also note that most YouTube video download extensions are available on separate websites beyond the Web Store. As such, installation for them is not entirely the same as those extensions on the Web Store. They usually require that you unpack them first with Chrome’s Developer mode option selected. These are some of the extensions Chrome users can download YouTube videos with.

Download YouTube Chrome

Firstly, you can try out the Download YouTube Chrome extension for the browser. Open this page and click the Download Chrome Extension button there to save the extension’s Zip folder. Next, open the Zip in File Explorer; and decompress the folder by clicking Extract all. Click Settings > Extensions and select the Developer mode check box. Press the Load unpacked extension button, and you should select the extracted Download YouTube Chrome extension folder. Then you can click the Enable check box beside Download YouTube Chrome on the Extensions page.


When you’ve done that, open a video’s page on YouTube. Then you’ll find some file format options below the video as shown in the snapshot directly below. Click 720p MP4 to save the YouTube video.


When you click some of the other options there such as 360p MP4, the video opens in a separate page tab. When that happens, you should right-click the video on the new page tab and select Save video as. Then you can open the video in your media player.


YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader is an extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex. Add the extension to your browser by pressing the Download for Chrome button on this web page. That will save a Zip folder for the extension, which you should then extract in File Explorer. Thereafter, click Developer mode on Chrome’s Extensions page and press Load unpacked extension. Select to open the extracted YouTube Video Downloader subfolder, not the main folder, and click OK.

Open a video’s YouTube page. Now you can press a green Download button on that page. Beside that there’s a small drop-down menu you can expand by clicking the arrow. That menu includes a variety of video file formats that you can select for the saved video. There you can select most of the notable video formats, a few of which are high-definition. Click the i buttons beside the formats for file format size details.


You can also convert YouTube videos to MP3s with this extension. Click the Mp3 (320 KB) button above the video to open the page shown below. Then press the Download file button on that page to save the MP3. Note that you can only convert clips under 20 minutes to MP3.



FastestTube is an extension compatible with numerous browsers that enables you to download YouTube videos in various formats and removes ads from them. Press the Chrome button on the FastestTube website to save the add-on’s Zip folder. Extract the compressed Zip in File Explorer. Open the extension’s extracted folder, and then click the Install.bat. Next, open the Extensions page in Chrome; and drag the fastesttube_2.4.0.18 file in the extracted folder onto the Extensions page. Click the Add button to add FastestTube to the browser. Finally, click FastestTube’s Enabled check box.

Now open a new YouTube video page, which will include a Download button on it. Clicking that button opens a menu with file format options and other settings. There you can also select to save just the video or its audio only if the video has separate files for both.


Download Any YouTube Videos

Download Any YouTube Videos is a Chrome extension that enables you to download YouTube videos via khdownload.com. Click the Add to Chrome button on this page to save the extension. Drag the Download Any YouTube Videos crx file onto Chrome’s Extension’s page (a Drop to install box). Then press the Add extension button.


The extension adds a Click to Download This Video button to the browser’s toolbar as shown in the snapshot directly above. Now you can press that button to download a video on YouTube. Pressing that button opens the khdownload website page in the shot below. The YouTube video’s URL is copied into the text box on that page.


Now press one of the video format buttons below the text box to save the video to a folder. For example, you can select MP4 there to download clips in MP4 format. Of course, you don’t really need the Download Any YouTube Videos extension to download YouTube clips via khdownload.com; but it gives you a handy toolbar shortcut for copying and pasting the URLs into the site’s text box.

So those are four Google Chrome extensions you can download YouTube videos with. With them you can save videos to your folders in a variety of formats. Some of the extensions also enable you to convert the clips to MP3s instead. In addition, there are also numerous Windows software packages you can download YouTube videos with; and this Tech Junkie post tells you how to download YouTube clips with VLC.

Posted by Matthew on January 9, 2017

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