How to Download YouTube Videos to MP3

Posted by TekRevue Contributor on April 9, 2019

YouTube has been around for so long that it’s now part of our lives for entertainment, family memories, learning, and so much more. From what was seen as futile entertainment over the years, it actually has become a community of its own, with its own stars, drama and the like. It used to be the main source of funny videos, of videos going viral.

Nowadays, you don’t even need a minute on social media to find that media sharing has blown up: no matter what it is that you want to share or want to find, there will be a platform for you depending on who you want to share content with. That’s the magic of the internet: there is so much to see and discover that you can never be bored of the discoveries. As the online content come and goes all the time, you can use a YouTube converter like MP3Hub in order to save and keep available an important content, or just watch or listen to your favorite video or music even when you’re offline.

Now, there is sometimes that little nagging issue of your Internet deciding that it just won’t work on a particular day, and when that happens, if you’re lucky to be working you can still keep yourself busy, but if you’re not and you need your content, you’re out of luck.

Unless you use services likes Mp3Hub . If you’re wondering what that is, it’s simply an MP3 converter that will allow you to fill your memory cards and hard drives with audio files from your favorite media sharing sites. You want to learn a new language? You can save it. You found a great recipe that is quite simple and you would like to practice it? This new comedian makes you laugh so much that you can’t help listening to his skits over and over again? You name it, the internet has it and you can actually save it.

The process is actually quite simple: take any device with a browser, go to MP3Hub.com , enter your search terms or a URL, confirm, click on download and voilà, here comes your file in all its high quality glory. Easy, efficient, and that process can be made even easier if you use mostly YouTube: a quick “lol” inserted in the url between the WWW. and YouTube and the download starts immediately. Better yet, if you’re using a computer, you can even have access to browser add-ons that will simply add a download button under YouTube videos so you don’t need to go through the website for your content.

You don’t need to just stay on YouTube though, and that’s the beauty of the whole thing: now it’s easier than ever to preserve all kinds of content from anywhere you like.

Now, you might wonder where the catch is in all of this. After all, we’re talking about a tool that lets you save all kinds of content to your hard drive. Well… there is literally no catch at all, because everything is entirely free. While this tool was not designed to replace paying streaming platforms, we love the idea that thanks to our website people can keep learning, singing, and discovering new things.

Also, everything is private, your data is completely safe with us. Better yet: you don’t even need to register for our website! You can use the tool immediately upon landing on our main page, and no one other than you will know what you converted.

Basically, this converter is the perfect tool for anyone who either does not have a huge budget and wants to access as much culture as possible, or for people who are looking for that rare gem other platforms do not have. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter why you would use this website: it was made so anyone and everyone could access it (it’s even translated in several languages).

So remember this website next time you plan a trip or before the next Internet outage. Who knows, you might be able to become a real chef in the kitchen or learn an entire new language in no time. You have the whole world at your fingertips now, so go ahead and make the most of it. Once you’ve discovered how easy to use, how fun it can be to compose new and original playlists, don’t hesitate to share it as much as you can. The more people use these services, the fastest the technology will advance. We’re not quite sure yet how it could all improve, but there is no doubt there is a lot we haven’t discovered yet.

So enjoy this new world and get your hard drives and memory cards ready, because we can guarantee you will need them once you see all the content you have access to!

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