Dragon Age Inquisition: Dragons Map, Guide & Help

Posted by RecomHub on January 31, 2015

Finding the different Dragon Age Inquisition dragons can be a challenge for those playing the game. Some spend hours battling the different dragons on the different levels of Thedas.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition campaign can be a challenge for some and having the a guide about the different dragons on Thedas can make the overall gaming experience better. We’ve included the locations of the Dragon Age dragons with maps, specific information on their strengths and weakness and any additional tasks that must be completed before gaining access to certain dragons. You can also check out the Dragon Age Reddit Page for more help.

A face-off against a dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition encounters become more eventful near the end of the game. In most cases, you’ll track down a dragon and then make slight adjustments to your position as the beast hops around whatever clearing where it was discovered.


Here’s where you can find some of the dragons on Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition:


Level 12: The Hinterlands – Fereldan Frostback


  • HP: ~105,000
  • Weakness: Cold
  • Resistance: Fire


Level 13: Crestwood – Northern Hunter


  • HP: ~118,000
  • Weakness: Spirit
  • Resistance: Electricity

Complete this task first: “Still Waters” quest chain


Level 14: Western Approach – Abyssal High Dragon


  • HP: ~135,000
  • Weakness: Cold
  • Resistance: Fire

Complete this task first: quest chain that begins with “Draconology”



Level 15: Exalted Plains – Gamordan Stormrider


  • HP: ~150,000
  • Weakness: Spirit
  • Resistance: Electricity


Level 17: Emerald Graves – Greater Mistral


  • HP: ~188,000
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Resistance: Cold



After, you’ve taken down all the dragons of Thedas, you should feel a better knowing that the game, Dragon Age Inquisition was no match for you and you earned the Dragon’s Bane achievement/trophy.

Hopefully there’s some sort of Dragon Age: Inquisition expansion in the works over at Bioware, and that the next round of content for the game includes both more and more-diverse dragon encounters.



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