How To Duet with Yourself on Tik Tok

Posted by Jamie on March 1, 2019

Tik Tok offers huge freedom to create your own fifteen second videos and publish them online. Most of them will be of teenagers lip syncing or messing around, but some are surprisingly entertaining and quite well polished. If you want to get in on the action, we are going to discuss the duet feature and walk you through how to duet with yourself on Tik Tok.

The duet was introduced last year and has gone down extremely well. Celebrities have uploaded videos for fans to duet to, random people have duetted with other randoms, couples have performed duets together and all sorts of good stuff is on Tik Tok.

As well as performing duets with other people, you can also duet with yourself on Tik Tok. This isn’t as dumb as it sounds as you can perform two sides of a track, make a sketch with you playing two characters or any kind of performance where you play two parts, mirror off of each other or whatever you like.

Duet with yourself on Tik Tok

Making a duet is as easy as making an normal video on the app. As usual, preparation is key. Making sure each video has been prepared, rehearsed and looks and sounds as good as it is possible to be. Then you can record.

  1. Open Tik Tok and create your first video.
  2. Select Share and then Duet. Your screen should split in two vertically.
  3. Press record again to record the second side of the video.
  4. Add comments, effects or whatever and publish.

As you can see, recording a solo duet on Tik Tok is actually very similar to recording any video on the app. It’s a case of preparation, recording and editing. Only this time you have to do everything twice over.

Duets were a part of Tik Tok long before this feature was added. Previously, you would have to download each video and splice them on your computer before uploading. Now you can do it all from within the app and even perform minor edits as you go.

Duet with a celebrity or someone else on Tik Tok

Some celebrities have uploaded videos specifically for you to duet alongside them. Other people do the same. You can select most, if not all, videos shared on Tik Tok to duet on and it works fine.

  1. Open Tik Tok and find a video you want to duet in.
  2. Select Share and then Duet. Your screen should split in two.
  3. Press record to record your half of the video.
  4. Add effects, stickers comments and publish.

The process is much the same has when you duet with yourself on Tik Tok. You play the video, hit share, select the Duet icon in the popup and record your side of the video. Again, a lot more work will go into the preparation and rehearsal of the video than the execution but you get the idea.

Clone yourself and duet in Tik Tok

As well as performing two videos and having a duet with yourself, you can also clone yourself. iPhone users can use a neat app called Video Star which allows you to record different videos and add them as layers. Someone suggested this app when I was asking about duet videos and said there are some clever videos on Tik Tok that have used this cloning technique to great effect.

The principle is much the same as duets. Only this time you have to record as many videos as you need for your clone, in different positions. You can to use your phone camera instead of the one in Tik Tok. You can record from within Video Star too if you prefer.

  1. Record however many videos you want to use in your clone. Remembering to use different positions with a mind on the end product as you record.
  2. Import your videos into Video Star.
  3. Use the Scissors tool to splice your videos and select Multi-Layer Clip.
  4. Use the Mask tools to add your videos so each shows a clone of you within the main frame.
  5. Add any effects, change the shape of the layers or edit as you need.
  6. Select Done when finished.
  7. Import the video into Tik Tok and share as normal.

I didn’t get to try this first hand as you have to pay to use the full power of Video Star. My buddy had it and quickly showed me how it works and it seems simple enough. If I can figure it out, you certainly can!

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