Echo Buds vs AirPods Pro Review: Which Should You Pick?

Wireless earbuds still have the aura of luxury to them. Once you’re ready to cut the cord and commit to listening wirelessly, you’ll naturally want to find the best possible option for you. In the realm of wireless earbuds, two powerful rulers exist – Echo Buds and AirPods Pro.

They don’t look the same, and AirPods Pros are significantly more expensive. But what about the performance? Does spending more means that you will get more? This article will try to determine what makes each of these earbuds stand out. And, of course, if there’s a clear winner.


Sure enough, most people are going to check the price first. And then see if there is any point going into a more in-depth analysis. Spending around $130 for the Echo Buds is a lot of money, but spending almost twice as much for a pair of AirPods Pros may seem incomprehensible to some.

Even the cheaper 2nd-gen AirPods are significantly more expensive than the Echo Buds. But there are so many iPhone and Mac users out there, and they will go for the AirPods, nonetheless. But in the price round, the Echo Buds are a clear winner.

Echo Buds AirPods Pro


Once you get past the price, sound quality is the most important category. You may expect a massive difference in sound quality, but it is not that significant. Although, the AirPods Pros do have a softer and a bit cleaner sound compared to the Echo Buds.

They are an improvement to the AirPods as well, so it’s no wonder that the sound quality is excellent. So, even though it’s not by a lot, the AirPods Pros win this round.

Noise Cancellation

At this price point, you want earbuds that will cancel external noise. The Echo Buds noise cancellation comes courtesy of Bose’s Active Noise Reduction technology. And Bose has done a great job of integrating this feature. However, Apple has done a fantastic job on this front as well.

Probably even better. The company uses proprietary technology for its noise cancelation feature. The transparency feature works incredibly well when you need to hear what’s going on around you. So, despite the Bose technology, the AirPods Pros have a better noise cancellation feature.


Arguably, the least important category, but is it? How many people will take a look at the Echo Buds and the AirPods Pros next to each other and know what they want? Advanced specs and features are all fine, but the design is essential in terms of market value. The first difference, the AirPods Pros are white, and the Echo Buds are black.

You have to consider the fit and comfort, as well. The Echo buds have three interchangeable silicone adapters of different sizes, but the AirPods Pros also have three sizes available. Also, the AirPods Pros are leaner and more sleek-looking compared to the Echo Buds. The potential downside to the AirPods Pro design is that they are somewhat strangely shaped. The Echo Buds perhaps aren’t noticeable right away, but that discreet feature might work to their advantage.

If you look at them closely, they look like little buttons that you place in your ears, and you don’t feel like they will fall out. It’s hard to pick the winner here since this is more a matter of personal preference than anything else. But the AirPods Pros have a slight advantage here too.

Alexa vs Siri

When it comes to voice assistants, this is where the Echo Buds have the upper hand. Alexa works much better with the Echo Buds than Siri does with AirPods Pros. The microphone on the Echo Buds picks up the commands well, and the only potential issue is that sometimes they might disconnect from the smart device.

Siri works well with iPhones and iPads but does have a limited range when working with Android phones. Overall, Alexa is a slightly superior voice assistant and has more features.

As far as connectivity goes, the AirPods Pros are easy to connect to your iPhone. You can also pair them with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Setting up the Echo Buds with the Alexa app is seamless too. It does take a bit more time, but you also get more customization features that you don’t have with the AirPods Pros.

Echo AirPods

Battery Life

Let’s not forget about battery life. Once you leave the house, how long will the Echo Buds and AirPods Pros work? In a nutshell, both models have pretty much the same battery capacity. You can count on five hours of non-stop playtime. Using the noise cancellation feature will increase the battery drain, though.

Is There a Clear Winner?

All things compared – this contest is a tie. The Pro version of the AirPods does have a tad better sound quality and noise cancellation, but the Echo Buds offer more versatility, a slightly better smart assistant, and a far lower price tag. In the ergonomics category, the situation is pretty much a tie, as is in the battery life segment.

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