How to Make a Phone Call on Your Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is one of several Echo devices Amazon offers. It can do a lot of things for you, including web browsing, playing your favorite music and films, buying airplane tickets, and much more.

But did you know you could make phone calls through your Echo Dot? Keep reading to find out how to set up your Echo Dot to make and receive phone calls.

How to Setup Alexa

Before you can make phone calls with your Echo Dot, you’ll need to enable this feature in the Alexa app. For that, you will need your phone. Have in mind that your device will need to run at least iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0 for this to work.

Echo Dot

Assuming that you already have Alexa installed and running on your phone or tablet, you should first launch the app. Next, tap on the conversation bubble icon at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the Communications section of the app.

Alexa will then prompt you to verify your name and grant it access to your phone’s contacts list. You will also have to confirm your phone number. The setup process is super-simple and Alexa will guide you with on-screen tips and instructions.

Who Can You Call?

You are now able to call other Echo owners who have Alexa-to-Alexa calls enabled. Eligible devices include the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and the regular Echo. You can also call Fire tablets, though they need to be at least 4th-gen.

In case the other side doesn’t have an Echo device, you can still call them through your Echo Dot. Alexa enables you to call mobile and land numbers, as well. However, there are some restrictions. You won’t be able to dial emergency numbers such as 911. 1-900 and similar premium-rate numbers are out of the question.

Abbreviated codes, such as 411 and 211, and X-1-1 local numbers can’t be called through the Echo Dot, either. 1-800 numbers with letters are also prohibited. Finally, you won’t be able to call numbers located outside the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

It is worth noting that you will be able to call an Echo device outside the United States. However, it will have to be located in a country where Alexa-to-Alexa calls are supported.

How to Make a Call

With the setup done, it is time to make your first call. To get your Echo Dot’s attention, say “Alexa” or whatever you’ve set up as the wake-up word. Follow by “call [contact you’d like to call].” If you want to call your friend Lucy, the command should go along these lines: “Alexa, call Lucy.” Alexa will then call her.

If Lucy has an Echo device with enabled calls, Alexa will ring her Echo by default. If she doesn’t have an Echo speaker or it doesn’t have enabled calls, Alexa will then try to make contact with Alexa on Lucy’s phone. Similar to Echo speakers, Alexa on her phone will have to have enabled calls.

If Lucy doesn’t have Alexa on her phone or the calls feature is disabled, Alexa will then dial the number you’ve specified in the Contacts. Should there be more than one number associated with Lucy, Alexa will prompt you to choose which one you want dialed. Select the number and Alexa will dial it.

Let’s say that you’d like to order a pizza from the new place down the street. You’ll still be able to place your call, even if you don’t have their number in your Contacts. Say “Alexa, call [spell out the number digit by digit].”

When the call ends, hanging up is as easy as making the call. You should say “Alexa, hang up.” You can also instruct it to end the call.

How to Receive a Call

Just like you can call other Echo devices and phone numbers, you can also receive calls from them through your Echo Dot. If Lucy calls you back to change the place and time you’ll meet tomorrow, your Echo Dot’s light ring will go green and Alexa will notify you that Lucy is calling you.

In case you haven’t given Alexa access to your contacts list, you will be notified that an unknown number is calling you. To pick up, you should say “Alexa, answer.” If you can’t pick up at the moment, reject the call with “Alexa, ignore.”

How to Block a Number

You can also block a number. However, it has to be in your Contacts; you can’t block random numbers. For example, if you’ve just broken up with someone and need some time to yourself, you can block their number through Alexa on your phone.

To block a number, open the Alexa app on your phone. Navigate to the Calling and Messaging section. Next, tap on the Contacts icon; it is located in the top-right corner. Tap on the three dots when the next screen opens. Tap on Block Contacts and pick the contact you wish to block.


How to Drop In

If you have multiple Echo Dots or any other Echo devices, you can link them together and use them as an intercom system. To do that, you’ll need to enable the Drop In feature for all devices.

To allow drop-ins, you’ll need your phone’s Alexa app. Launch Alexa and navigate to the Calling and Messaging section. Select the “Set Up Drop In” button. On the next screen, you should tap on the slider switch next to the Allow Drop In option. To drop in on an Echo device in your house, say “Alexa, Drop in (the name of the device you want to drop in).” To end the drop in, say “Alexa, end drop in.”

To be able to drop in on another user’s Echo device, they will have to give you permission in their Alexa app. After you’ve been given the permission, launch the Alexa app on your phone and go to the Conversations section. Tap on the Contacts icon and select the contact you’d like to use the drop in feature with. On their profile screen, you’ll find the Drop in icon. Tap on it.

Alexa, Call Lucy

You can now communicate with your friends and family members without ever picking up your phone. Setting up the Echo Dot for calls is easy and fast. What’s best about it, the calls to other Echo devices are completely free.

Do you use your Echo Dot to talk to your friends? How would you rate the quality of this feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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