How To Delete & Remove Recently Watched on Netflix

Netflix is a huge platform for watching your favorite movies and TV shows, but sometimes you may end up watching something embarrassing, or with a show you don’t actually like in your feed. Many users don’t know this, but you can actually remove shows from your feed and from your history, and in this article we’ll explain how to do both of those things.

Step 1: Open Netflix


Start by opening Netflix and selecting your Profile of choice. It’s important that you choose the Profile that you use the most frequently, instead of someone elses, since later in this article you’ll be learning how to edit your own history settings.

In the image above, you can also see my Continue Watching panel. Today, I’ll remove the second entry- Arrow- from that list.

Step 2: Head to Your Account


In the top-right corner of your screen is a dropdown menu that displays the other profiles linked to your account, and a link to your account management. Click “Your Account” to continue.


Scroll down the resulting web page until you see the “My Profile” section. Under “My Profile”, you’ll want to select “Viewing activity”.

Step 3: Click “Viewing activity”


On this screen, you’ll see a full list of your recent viewing activity. Now that you’re here, you’re welcome to remove particular episodes from your viewing history, as well as entire movies or shows.

Step 4: Remove Episodes/Series/Movies As You Wish


Once you’ve clicked X beside a particular episode of a series, you’ll get the option to remove the series as a whole from your viewing history. That’s what I’ll be doing right now.


And just like that, Arrow has been removed from my viewing history. Not only that, but now it’s gone from my Continue Watching queue, too.



With this tutorial, you can do one of two things: edit Continue Watching on Netflix, or remove a show from your history entirely. You have multiple reasons to want to do something like this, but just one reason you might want to includes getting rid of a series after you’ve finished watching it.

This article was also originally going to have a feature on blocking individual shows. Unfortunately, that currently isn’t possible on Netflix- click here to read our tutorial on that!

Posted by Chris on July 18, 2016

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Bobby Genereux says:
this option isn’t available for kids profiles. how do I remove a show from the que on a kids profile?

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