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Email Account Setup Guide for Galaxy S9

It is fair to say that email services go hand in hand with smartphones which is to say that any decent smartphone should be able to support email services. At the moment nearly every user of a Samsung Galaxy S9 has an email account on their device. The importance of email services is so widespread that it has become the first basic setup that smartphone buyers complete the moment they purchase a new device.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 supports several email account types that you may be using and all these can be set up on the device to run concurrently. This has been applauded as a great feature simply because it makes it possible to create and use different email accounts on the same device. It is worrying, however, to learn that not every Galaxy S9 user knows about all these options available to them. And for the few that are aware of these possibilities, they have very little information on how to go about all the email accounts configurations.

Setting up an email app on your Samsung Galaxy S9 requires you to tweak several settings besides just your user ID and email password. To some folks, the server settings provide a stumbling block because of the challenges it provides. The server settings require you to contact your email service provider and request for relevant information about the server settings, the port number, and other relevant info.

Having acquired all the relevant data, you should then proceed to the steps provided below;

How To Set Up An Email Account When Using Galaxy S9

The following will be required beforehand as you prepare to set up an email account on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Once you have the above data with you, you can start off by heading to the email icon in the apps folder on your home screen. If you do not find the email icon in your app folder, you should also look in the Samsung folder. Once there, do the following;

Register your Email Address

  1. When a new screen opens up, tap on the email address listed on the screen if only you already registered an email account with your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. If you haven’t registered an email address yet, you should be looking to register a new email address. At this point, you should, therefore, highlight the option labeled as Add New Account

Select the Account Type

You will be requested to type the email address as well as the password associated with that particular account.

  1. To continue, choose the Manual setup option which will enable you to set up everything by yourself
  2. Now tap Sign in and the device will start searching for the server settings to your email that you typed in automatically. The following are the settings that the server will provide

If you selected the Manual Setup option, then you need to follow the steps below.

Manual Set-up

  1. From the three email options listed above, you need to select the one that applies to your email
  2. Enter the server settings for the email type you selected
  3. To proceed forward, tap on Sign In
  4. At this point, your device will try to verify the details that you entered and as soon as the verification is complete your device will connect to the server and the Sync schedule screen will be displayed next
  5. Configure the Sync settings as you find convenient
  6. Tap on the Sign in button once again to proceed
  7. Now type an account name and personalize to be displayed in all your outgoing email messages
  8. When everything is ready, simply tap on Done

Upon completing all the steps above successfully, email messages will start filling your inbox which should signify the completeness of the process. However, since there are three email types, it would be of essence to look at the particularities pertaining to each of the three email types.

How To Add POP3/ IMAP Email Accounts On Galaxy S9

A POP3 or an IMAP account allows you to set up a personal email account on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Of the two email account types, one happens to come from a stock email application while the other can be accessed through the Settings menu. So what are all these options all about? A review of the two account types is provided below;

Adding An Email Account Through The Stock Email App

  1. From your home screen, tap on the Apps icon
  2. From here, you will see an email icon which you should tap to launch the email app (always remember to look for the email icon under the Samsung folder if you don’t find it here.)
  3. Head straight into the inbox screen and hit on Menu
  4. Now tap on Settings and hit the Add account option
  5. A newly opened screen will be displayed from which you can follow the rather straightforward instructions provided to complete the process of setting up an email from the stock email app.

As soon the steps are completed, you will start receiving emails on your particular account.

Adding An Email Account Through The Settings Menu

  1. Once again, access the Apps folder from your home screen
  2. Tap on Settings and,
  3. Select Accounts
  4. Choose to Add account
  5. Then select Email
  6. Enter the email address and its corresponding password
  7. Tap on Sign In and manually configure the necessary settings or let the device complete the setup automatically.
  8. From here, you need to configure the Sync settings then tap on the next button
  9. Provide an account name and signature if you find it necessary and hit Done.

How to Add an Exchange ActiveSync / Work Email Account

By now you should realized that the POP3 and IMAP are personal email account types but you can set up a work email on your Samsung Galaxy S9 as well. The Exchange ActiveSync is there to provide this function to you because it lets you configure a work email account. When you are done setting up a work email, you can sync it with your email and handle everything coming through the work email just the same way you do with your personal emails.

There are some specific things you need to know before getting to set up a work email using the Exchange ActiveSync. Such information include the exact server settings for the exchange server among other specific settings. The best way to go about it therefore is to request your company’s network administrator or the Exchange server administrator to complete the procedure for you. Having been provided with the exact server settings, you can now proceed to configure your Exchange ActiveSync email account on your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

The steps below should guide you through it;

  1. Go to your Galaxy S9 Home screen.
  2. Launch the settings app.
  3. Tap on Add account
  4. Choose the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the email account type
  5. Enter the work email address and its correctly corresponding password
  6. Choose the Manual Setup
  7. Proceed by entering all the exchange server settings provided to you by the administrator.
  8. Follow the onscreen instructions and configure any extra options you may find convenient.
  9. Type in the account name and display name then tap on Done.

Exchange Activesync Settings And Preferences On Galaxy S9

What we have done thus far is teach you how to set up a work email on your Samsung Galaxy S9 but there are other preferences that are available to your besides just the display name. Furthermore, there are a couple of Sync options that you will find pretty interesting. With the Exchange ActiveSync work email account, you can prepare canned out-of-office email messages, send a request for a meeting, flag messages as well as configure message priorities. If all these options interest you, here is the way forward;

  1. Launch the email app from the Samsung or Apps folder.
  2. Head directly to the inbox screen
  3. Tap on More to gain access to additional options
  4. Tap on Settings
  5. Choose the Account type to see the available options for that particular account.
  6. Select the option you would like to configure from here.

That is pretty a lot of information that you will need to read, digest, process and implement so we wouldn’t want to fill your brain with new information for now. We would be posting more valuable information on Samsung Galaxy S9 so stay posted so as to get everything as and when it gets posted.