How To Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Posted by Arch on June 3, 2019
How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Since Apple introduced the Dark Mode for their OS, the feature started appearing on different apps. The reason for Dark Mode’s popularity is pretty straightforward. It makes it easier for you to enjoy your favorite apps at night because the mode dims the screen and tones down colors. As a result, your eyes suffer less strain.

As for the Dark Mode on Facebook, the company has only partially jumped on the bandwagon, at least for now. This means you can use the native features to enable the mode on Facebook Messenger, but there is no way to enable it on the Facebook app itself.

There are Google Chrome extensions, third-party apps, and some tricks that add Dark Mode to Facebook. Keep reading to find out how to dim the lights on Facebook.

Enabling the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Enabling the mode on Facebook Messenger is a walk in the park. Tap on the app to open it, select your profile picture, and toggle on the button next to the Dark mode option.

Facebook Dark Mode

All the menus, chats, and background will turn black and you can revert to the light side by tapping the button again. However, the option doesn’t sync across all your devices, so you might need to repeat the process on your iPad for example.

How to Dark Mode Everything

Facebook recently announced that it will be rolling out the Dark Mode feature on the main app. But as of this writing, it hasn’t come out yet. However, there is a way to work around this and here is how to do it on Android and iPhone.


For Android smartphones, you need to install a third party app that basically allows you to use the dark theme for Facebook. The app in question is Maki: Facebook and Messanger.

After you download and install the app, open it and enter your Facebook username and password.

Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Once logged in, tap the More menu (three horizontal dots) and select Settings, then tap General and go into Themes. The pop-up window will show you the list of all the available themes. The one you are looking for is called AMOLED.

Dark Mode on Facebook

You can now exit to the Main menu and enjoy Facebook in the Dark Mode.


Since Apple was the one to introduce Dark Mode, there is a neat trick to get it on the Facebook app without installing third-party software. In fact, we couldn’t find any third-party app worth recommending, but if you know about one feel free to drop us a line in the comments below.

To get the Dark Mode on your iPhone, launch the Settings app, go into General, and select Accessibility. Tap on “Display Accommodations” inside the Accessibility menu and enter the Invert Colors options.

enable dark mode facebook

Toggle on Smart Invert and you’ll be able to enjoy Facebook in Dark Mode. Mind you, this feature puts all the other apps on your iPhone in the Dark Mode, as well.

Can You Do It on macOS?

The option to invert colors does exist but the results are not the same as on your iPhone because the feature inverts all the colors. The closest you can get to the Dark Mode via native options is Night Shift.

To access this option, launch System Preferences, select Display, then Night Shift, and tick the box in front of “Turn On Until Tomorrow”. This gives your Mac a slightly washed out warm tones, which is, of course, not the same as going all dark/black.

Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop

For Mac and PC users, the quickest and probably the best way to get the Dark Mode is via a browser extension. There are numerous extensions to choose from, but Night Eye is the one that stands out.

It works on all mainstream browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Explorer. Plus, it’s compatible with alternative browsers like Vivaldi, Yandex, Coc Coc, Brave, and UC.

To get the extension, click on your browser on Night Eye website and install it. Select your language and from there on all the websites you visit will be in the Dark Mode.

Aside from the Dark Mode, you can also choose Filtered, or revert to the light mode by selecting the Normal option. The Filtered mode is similar to Apple’s Night Shift because it softens up the contrast and gives you a warmer look overall.

There is also an option to schedule Night Eye, customize the color filters, use blue light, and more. The extension is free, but there are in-app purchases and you can get a free 3-month trial of the Pro version, no strings attached.

Dark Is En Vogue

In the near future, you won’t need any extensions, third-party apps, or special tricks to enable the Dark Mode on Facebook. Some expected the feature would roll out with the latest Facebook facelift, but it didn’t. Until it does, you’ll have to make do with what’s available.

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