How to Enable Parental Controls on the iPad

How to Enable Parental Controls on iPad

Modern times are crazy, and there’s no sugarcoating it. You can’t protect your kids from everything, but you can at least ensure they are safe online. It would be wrong not to give your children access to technology, but there is nothing wrong with also using parental controls.

If you were wondering how to enable parental controls on the iPad, you are in the right place. Read on and find out how to do it, alongside some useful tips and tricks. Parental controls can help keep your children away from inappropriate content and also block in-app purchases.

Enabling iPad Parental Controls on iOS12 and Above

Apple knows how vital parental controls are; thus, they have customized them thoroughly to assist the parents. Your kids probably aren’t going to love these restrictions, but they are for their good.

Parental Controls on the iPad can are under the Screen Time tab. Here is how you can enable them:

  1. Open the Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Select Screen Time.
  3. You can set a passcode with the Use Screen Time Passcode. Enter a four-digit passcode and confirm it. We highly suggest enabling this option for extra control, even though it is not necessary.
  4. Then choose Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  5. When prompted, enter the passcode you created just now. Enable the Content and Privacy Restrictions by tapping the slider. It will turn blue when on, otherwise it is gray.

That is how you enable the base parental controls on the iPad. However, you need to customize them. While you’re on the same page (Content and Privacy Restrictions), you can customize the parental controls.

Enable Parental Controls on iPad

Content and Privacy Restrictions

There are three major parental control options on the Content and Privacy Restrictions page.

iTunes and App Store Purchases – a self-explanatory option. It blocks anyone who doesn’t know the passcode from making purchases, deleting, or installing apps on the iPad.

Allowed Apps – this option is also easy to understand. You can limit certain apps from appearing on the Home screen of the iPad as if they didn’t exist.

Content Restrictions – this option is pretty neat. It allows you to block certain content from the iPad. You can block explicit websites, R-rated movies, music, etc.

The Privacy section right below has many other great customization options. You can disable the use of Bluetooth, Microphone, Photos, Location Sharing, etc.

Below the Privacy tab, you can find the Allow Changes tab. Here you can prevent your child from accessing the settings, changing the Apple credentials, and, most importantly, changing the passcode.

Enabling iPad Parental Controls on iOS11 and Below

Enabling parental controls on iPads with iOS11 or older operating systems is slightly different. Instead of the Screen Time menu, you need to use the Restrictions menu. Follow the steps to enable parental controls on older iPads:

  1. Go to Settings, followed by General, and finally, Restrictions.
  2. Select Choose Enable Restrictions and confirm with the four-digit passcode.
  3. All the parental controls are bundled together on the Restrictions page. Move the slider on each option to enable or disable it.

The main parental control options here include in-app purchases, privacy settings, content restrictions, and app blocking. Carefully consider all of these options, and which ones do you want to enable.

There is no right or wrong way about this. You can choose all the parental controls that you deem fit for your child, or even elderly family member. If you have a young kid, say between three and eight years old, you probably want most of the controls to stay on.

You should also set some ground rules and make sure your kid isn’t on the iPad the whole day. Technology is very addictive these days, but we won’t lecture you about that. Everyone knows that already.

How to Enable Parental Controls

You Are in Charge

Children like to think that they are using their smartphones or tablets. In reality, you are the one who gets them their iPad, and you are the one who decides how and when they use it. They might even throw a tantrum when you first introduce parental controls.

Do you use parental controls on your devices? If so, which ones do you leave on, and which ones do you disable? Feel free to talk about your experience with the iPad’s Parental Controls app in the comments section below.

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