How To Fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Errors in Windows

Posted by Jamie on December 20, 2016

There are few things more frustrating than wanting to check on the football scores or the latest movie review and seeing ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in your browser. Chances are that you’re using Chrome if you’re seeing those words as Edge and Firefox say different things. Regardless of the syntax, the frustration is just the same.

The ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error refers to a fault in the DNS setup of your computer or a typo in how you spelled the URL. The latter is simple to remedy but the former takes a little more work. Not a lot more though you will be pleased to know.


As with any network error, the first steps are straightforward. Check your internet connection, check a different website, use a different browser, reboot your computer and your router and retest. If that doesn’t fix the error then one of these steps will.

How to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED  errors in Windows-2

First let’s flush the DNS settings on your computer.

  1. Open a Command Prompt as an administrator.
  2. Type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and hit Enter.
  3. Type ‘ipconfig /renew’ and hit Enter.
  4. Type ‘ipconfig /registerdns’ and hit Enter.
  5. Retest using the same browser and URL.

This will flush the DNS cache, forcing Windows and your browser to reload DNS afresh. This will address the majority of ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED errors. If you’re still seeing the error, try manually configuring your DNS servers:

  1. Open Control Panel and navigate to Network and Internet.
  2. Navigate to Network and Sharing Center and select ‘Change adapter settings’ in the left pane.
  3. Right click your network adapter and select Properties.
  4. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 and click the Properties button in the window.
  5. Select ‘Use the following DNS…’ and add and in the spaces. Click OK. These two servers are Google’s own DNS servers and are very, very fast and accurate.
  6. Retest using the same browser and URL.

If you use a router, you may also need to change DNS server settings there too. Some cable companies specify the DNS server used within the router config which can override your Windows settings. If nothing changes after making these modifications, it might be worth checking your router.

How to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED  errors in Windows-3

Finally, if none of those preceding steps work you can try to disable Google’s DNS prefetch service which has been known to interfere with DNS.

  1. Open Chrome and click the three menu lines in the top right.
  2. Select Settings and Show Advanced Settings.
  3. Uncheck the boxes next to ‘Use a prediction service to help complete…’ and ‘Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly’.
  4. Restart Chrome and retest.

One of these steps is sure to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED errors. In the majority of cases simply flushing DNS through the command prompt and forcing a reload of the config is enough to fix it. If not, the other two steps definitely will.

If you know any other tricks to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED errors, tell us about them below.

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