Essential PH1 Keep Rebooting (Solution)

Posted by Desmond Andrada on February 13, 2018

An Essential PH1 that keeps rebooting can be a great source distress especially for those who don’t know how to fix the problem. With our help, you should be able to fix any Essential PH1 device that starts rebooting randomly for no reason and without warning. However, if you find that the problem is too advanced for you to try out any troubleshooting solutions, we recommend that you seek the assistance of an approved Essential technician. The Essential PH1 can either be replaced or repaired depending on the extent of the problem.

If you still have the warranty for your Essential PH1, you can save a lot of money when your phone starts rebooting randomly and you are forced to get it replaced. Essential Support can also come to your aid if you encounter the random reboot, freezing or shutting down problem on your Essential PH1 smartphone.

If you recently installed a new app and then you start experiencing the problem of random reboots, then you need to check if the app is probably responsible for the problem. This is common for unofficial apps, which sometimes contain malware. A damaged or corrupted firmware can also cause your Essential PH1 to experience the frequent rebooting problem. You can fix the problem using the solutions outlined below;

The Android Operating System Causes the Essential PH1 to Keep Restarting

A new firmware update might cause problems too. This can include the random reboots. In this case a factory reset of your Essential PH1 would be the best viable solution. Since a factory reset deletes all user info, back up all the data on your device before performing it.

An Application is Responsible for the Sudden Reboots

If an app is responsible for rebooting, you can use Safe Mode to sort out his problem. For those unfamiliar with safe mode, it’s a mode that runs pre-loaded applications only. You can safely uninstall apps and get rid of bugs in the Safe Mode. This is the most likely fix to a reboot problem. It’s especially effective at fixing app-based problems.

  1. To enter the Safe Mode;
  2. Switch off your Essential PH1
  3. Continue pressing the power button to turn back on your device
  4. Once the logo appears, press volume down until the SIM dialogue appears
  5. In the bottom left corner, you should see the Safe Mode indication

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