Essential PH1 Not Staying Connected To Wi-Fi

Posted by nik on January 13, 2018

Several Essential PH1 users have complained of experiencing issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity on their Essential PH1 smartphones saying that the connection to Wi-Fi gets lots after sometime.

This issue is similar to many other Android devices but for Essential PH1 users with their devices not staying connected to the internet, we have a guide that should help you sort this problem. Often, when the connectivity to the Wi-Fi network is stopped, the phone switches connectivity to the mobile data in which case, a lot of your subscription will be used up especially if you are downloaded large files.

Essential PH1 is designed in such a way that a smart network switch feature diverts connectivity to mobile data when the strength of the Wi-Fi network reduces considerably. This is an effort to ensure that there is a constant internet connection on your smartphone.

However, if you notice that the auto switch to mobile data still happens even when connected to a strong Wi-Fi network, then you can read further below on how to avert this problem.

Fix Essential PH1 Not Staying Connected To Wi-Fi Problem

  1. Power on your Essential PH1 device
  2. Go to the drop down menu and turn on mobile data
  3. Once the mobile data connection has been activated, go to your settings menu and look for the Wireless option
  4. In the Wireless option page, you should be able to see the Smart Network Switch item at the top of the page
  5. With an upright router, you will have to uncheck the smart network switch option although this now means you will not have a very stable internet connection on your Essential PH1 smartphone

Once you uncheck the smart network switch option, you will not be bothered by the automatic switch from Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile data.

There is a high chance that the instructions provided above will enable you fix the internet connectivity issue you are facing but in the circumstance that your Essential PH1 still doesn’t stay connected to the internet, the it is better to wipe the cache partition. With wiping cache partition, you do not have to worry about your files because it does not erase any data from your smartphone. Go to the Recovery Mode and wipe your Essential PH1 cache partition.

Solve the wifi issue on Essential PH1

  1. Turn off the Essential PH1
  2. Hold the following three buttons simultaneously; power button, volume up and the home button
  3. The Recovery Mode will come on as soon as you feel a vibration
  4. Release the buttons and look for the option to Wipe Cache Partition and tap on the power button to select it

Restart your Essential PH1 using the Reboot System Now option, once the cache partition gets wiped.