Exynos 7904 vs Snapdragon 660 – Which is Better

Posted by Arch on July 2, 2019
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The Exynos 7904 chipset is Samsung’s response to the well-established Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset aimed primarily at the Asian market. Both chipsets are used in mid-range smartphones that target younger consumers who spend most of their day on the phone.

Therefore, the specifications of these chipsets need to satisfy the needs of an average millennial: to be able to take high-quality photos, play games, use all the apps, and have a lasting battery.

This is by no means an easy task. In this article, we will see which of the two chipsets does it better.

Comparing the CPUs

The Exynos 7904 is built on a 14nm FinFET and is a 64-bit processor. It has an octa-core build with a standard Cortex architecture. There are two Cortex-A73 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz for higher intensity computing, such as video rendering, playing games, etc. The other six cores are Cortex-A53 clocked at 1.6 GHz for regular activities, such as browsing the web or making calls.

The Snapdragon 660 has essentially the same 14nm build with a 64-bit processor and octa-core built. On first glance, there is a difference in the cores between the two chipsets. Namely, the Snapdragon has eight Kryo 260 cores that are clocked at 2.2 GHz. This means that there are four Cortex A-73 cores in one slot and four Cortex A-53 in the other.

So, while the Exynos has two Cortex-A73 cores, the Snapdragon has four, which means it will perform better. This should be especially notable during some more demanding activities.

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Comparing the GPUs

When it comes to GPU, the Exynos has a Mali0G71 MP2, which is a newer GPU than that in Snapdragon 606. It is clocked at 770MHz and supports OpenGL LS and Vulkan 1.0 API. The gaming experience with this GPU is good enough to run more recent games, with some minor frame rate drops.

The Snapdragon 606 has an Adreno 512 GP, which is clocked at 850 MHz. So, despite being a bit older GPU, it still performs somewhat better than the Exynos. That said, if you want a slightly better gaming experience, the Snapdragon 606 offers a better CPU and GPU combination.

Which One Has a Better Camera?

The Exynos 7904 can complement either one 32 MP camera or two 16MP cameras and can also be compatible with three camera configuration. The Exynos has various features that will attract the average millennial.

It contains an Image Signal Processor (ISP) which enables you to capture some clear, sharp images. It can adapt the lightning when it’s too bright or too dark by automatically adjusting the contrast. With the support of ultra-wide imaging, you can capture some stunning panoramas.

The Snapdragon 606 also comes with a Spectra 160 Camera ISP with dual-camera support. Unlike the Exynos, Snapdragon doesn’t support a triple-camera setup. It also goes up to 25 MP on a single camera, which is significantly lower than the Exynos. It supports autofocus, optical zoom, slow-motion videos, and no shutter lag.

When it comes to camera performance, the Exynos has the edge. It has more features, a triple-camera configuration, and the ability to capture higher quality images.

What About the Display?

The Exynos 7904 offers great display features. It is an ultra-HD compatible chipset that allows you to produce 4K videos and play them on your device. So, not only can you play 4K videos on an external device, but you can also record them. It runs UHD videos at 30fps, and it can also go full HD with 120fps. It provides a maximum visual experience no matter which device it connects to.

The Snapdragon 606 is also compatible with 4K. However, this only applies to an external display. This means that you can connect it to a device such as a smart TV and play a 4K video. However, its maximum on-device display is a Quad HD resolution of 2560×1600.

So, overall, if you want primarily to play videos and capture images of the highest quality possible, the Exynos 7904 wins.

Battery Saving

Both chipsets have very good battery-saving capacities. The Exynos 7904 has a build with Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling, which can eat up a lot less power than on some other phones. It combines well with the larger Samsung Galaxy M-series battery with a 15W turbo-charger.

The Snapdragon 660’s battery also saves up power pretty well, especially when you compare it to its predecessors. This is mainly because it is built on a 14nm technology, while the older versions were 20nm. However, the Snapdragon’s CPU uses a bit more power than the Exynos’, which consumes slightly more of battery life. This is where the higher number of lower-clocking Cortex-cores benefits the device.


In terms of connectivity, these two devices are practically the same. Both the Exynos 7904 and the Snapdragon 660 have modems that support the LTE category 12 download speed of up to 650 Mbps, and they also support category 13 upload, going up to 150 Mbps.

Both chipsets are compatible with Dual-SIM Dual VoLTE, Bluetooth, and Radio, while the Snapdragon is also compatible with NFC. When it comes to Wi-Fi, the Snapdragon 606 has a significantly improved signal when compared to some previous versions, but it isn’t much different than the Exynos.


Both chipsets target a millennial consumer, and they both have tempting features. Neither chipset is perfect, but they both have their upsides.

For example, if you like to play newer games such as Fortnite, you should opt for the Snapdragon 660. Also, if you use some demanding apps on your smartphone, for example for rendering, this chipset will be a better choice.

On the other hand, the Exynos 7904 is overall a better chipset for multimedia entertainment. So if you like to capture high-quality images or watch ultra HD videos with terrific sound and picture quality, this chipset might be better suited to your needs.

Which of these two chipsets would you choose and why? Have you already tried one or both of them? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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Chinonso Malcolm Akuata says:
I think I will go for the Snapdragon 660 because its performance will suit my need better. Have done a little research on both chip sets. Have narrowed my choices to either Redmi Note 7 or Samsung A30 because of my budget.

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