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Facebook has come a long way since its inception when college students would friend everyone under the sun. Back then, we were all eager to join the funniest and most irreverent “groups” for no other reason than to laugh about it later. Now, users can create business pages, advertisements, and more.

Probably one of the handiest tools that Facebook has pulled out over the years is the Facebook Event. With all your friends in one place, it’s convenient and easy to invite them to your next big shindig via the popular social media app. But if you really want them to show up, then you need to do it in style.

Why Add a Photo to Your Facebook Event

The answer is simple. It’s more professional and engaging. It’ll catch their eye and interest them in what you’ve got planned. This may not be as essential for your birthday party. Presumably, your friends don’t need a flashy invite to attend. But for larger events or business events, a well-chosen image can make all the difference.

Creating an Event With an Image

You don’t need any convincing. You know that your Facebook event will pop with that photo you took at the beach last weekend. Thankfully, adding your chosen image as you create your Facebook event is easy.

  1. Go to your Facebook feed.
  2. Click Events on the left-hand side under Explore.                                 
  3. Click Create Event on the lefthand side.                                                    
  4. Choose whether your event is private or public. 
  5. Click Upload Photo or Video at the top.            
  6. Select a photo from your desktop.
  7. Click Choose.
  8. Add in event details. The event must have a name.
  9. Click Create [Private/Public] Event.

Private events are by invitation only, meaning not just anyone can attend. They need to be invited by you – the event creator.

Adding or Changing the Image for an Event

If you’ve already created the event and want to add an image, simply find the event on the events page. If you can’t find the event in question, click Hosting on the lefthand side. These are the events you’ve created.

  1. Click Edit.                                                   
  2. Click and drag the photo to reposition it.    
  3. Click on the camera icon to upload a new photo.       
  4. Click Save.

You can do this as many times as you wish. Note this is for changing the banner photo. It is not for adding photos or videos to the event timeline. To do that, click on the event title to expand it. Then scroll down to where you can post to your event.

What Size Should My Photo Be

You’ve uploaded your photo, but it doesn’t look right. For some reason, it’s stretched out. That or maybe it’s got weird ugly boarders on either side of it. Why doesn’t it just fill the allotted space? You want to choose a photo that will fill the space without having to be reshaped.

According to Facebook, an ideal event photo will be 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is a ratio of 16:9. If you have too few pixels but the correct ratio, then your photo will be blown up to fill the space and may appear blurry. If you have the right number of pixels but the wrong ratio, then the photo may appear stretched or be given large borders to fill the empty space.

All of that being said, don’t sweat it too much. Chances are good that your high res landscape photo will fit just fine. Play around with it and see what looks good.

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