How to Factory Reset Your MacBook Air

How to Factory Reset You MacBook Air

Whether you’ve noticed your MacBook Air running a bit slow or you need to wipe it clean because you’ve sold it and need your data removed, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll show you the way to reset your MacBook Air just like it was when you first got it.

Before we proceed, though, we encourage you to perform a backup of all your valuable data.  Use an external hard drive, a network-attached storage device (NAS) or a cloud service if, you’d prefer.

You definitely don’t want to lose years’ worth of work, photos or your hard earned music collection.  With that said we’ll now show you how you can Factory reset your MacBook Air too new.

Download macOS Sierra

This is for those of you wishing to do a clean install of macOS Sierra.  Before you wipe anything off your hard drive, you’ll first want to take these steps;

  1. Open the Apple App Store and find the current version of macOS Sierra.                  macOSSierra
  2. Then, click the download button. This gives you a fresh a copy of the OS to restore your MacBook Air later on.
  3. When macOS Sierra finishes downloading from the App Store, it’ll pop up on your screen and say it’s installing. Don’t panic.  All you have to do is quit the macOS Sierra installer.                                          quit Sierra installer

Now you’ve got a new fresh copy of the OS ready to go on your hard drive when you’re ready to install it.

You can either make a bootable USB stick to install macOS Sierra as we’ve mentioned previously or if, you’re just looking to reinstall the OS and not do anything with your existing data, launch and install macOS when you’re ready.  We still recommend backing up first.

Just so you have a backup copy of macOS Sierra, we’d recommend making a USB drive with the OS.  Better safe than sorry.

Factory Reset Your MacBook Air

After you’ve done the required steps to back up your MacBook Air and you’ve downloaded a fresh copy of macOS Sierra, you’re ready to move forward.  Follow these steps to factory reset your MacBook Air just to like new condition;

  1. Restart your MacBook Air. During the restart hold down the command + r key on your keyboard.  This gets you into the Macs recovery mode.
  2. Then, you’ll proceed to use the disk utility which erases your hard drive. Click on disk utility and continue.  You’ll now select the main volume.  Click Unmount and erase.  You may quit the disk utility once the hard drive is erased.
  3. Finally, you’ll re-install macOS Sierra. Select reinstall and follow the onscreen directions as they instruct you.

There you go.  You’ve now got a clean slate.  Your MacBook Air should be running just like it did the day you got it.

If you’re selling your MacBook Air or handing it off to someone else, you obviously don’t want your information to be sold or inherited by that person.  In that case, you’d follow this set of instructions up to reinstalling macOS Sierra.  Once you’re at the setup screen, leave it for the new owner of the MacBook Air to setup once they’ve received the laptop.

Posted by Heather on November 14, 2016

2 thoughts on “How to Factory Reset Your MacBook Air”

James says:
Ok so I brought a MacBook from a garage sale and he it’s asking for his password but it’s not an iCloud locked lock. I just want to reset it and put my info as the primary username/password. Are these the same instructions? Will his info be dismissed and ask for mine as the new owner?
admn suprt says:
Followed the instructions, the whole thing failed and now its stuck.. Getting “No Bag Entry” error….

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