How To Fake an Incoming Call on the iPhone

Posted by Jamie on January 9, 2019

Most of us have done it. Faked an incoming call that required us to be somewhere else. Anywhere else other than the boring date, dull party or onerous work outing that we were suffering. This kind of call is useful for cutting short a date that isn’t going well, shutting down mundane family visits, dinners or any kind of situation you want to escape without hurting anyone’s feelings.

This tutorial will show you several ways to fake an incoming call on the iPhone. I mostly suggest apps as there are a bunch of them on the App Store that make it easy to schedule a time for the call and even let you set up the caller to look legit. Some even let you record a phone message to play as the caller too.

Fake an incoming call on the iPhone

If you only need the occasional rescue, the easiest way to fake an incoming call on the iPhone is to ask someone you trust to call you at a predetermined time. As long as they don’t forget and can keep a secret, this is the simplest method of extricating yourself from a bad or boring situation.

It helps if the people you’re with don’t know who is calling, especially if they are likely to be able to overhear or see the caller ID on your phone. If that might be the case, you may be better off using an app.

If you don’t have someone you can trust, try one of these apps.

Fake Call Plus

Fake Call Plus is a good example of the apps that let you fake an incoming call on the iPhone. It’s a simple app that lets you set up a fake caller with a name and number and even record a message it will play back as the fake call. You can set it to a time delay or press a button for it to call immediately.

The UI is simple and makes it easy to set up a call. You can set a time delay, configure multiple callers, select a specific ringtone for each caller and play a voice message. Everything you need really.

Fake Call : Prank Phone Number

Fake Call : Prank Phone Number is another way to fake a call on iPhone. It works like Fake Call Plus and has similar features. You can set up callers, play recorded messages, set a timer or call on demand and answer the call as you normally would. It is free and ad supported and seems to work perfectly fine.

The only downside to this app over Fake Call Plus is that you can only use prerecorded messages and not record your own. They don’t sound too realistic if you’re listening closely but should work fine for anyone who can overhear a phone call.

Fake Call (False call)

Fake Call (False call) is another worthy iPhone app for fake calls. It works like you would expect. You install the app, set up some fake contacts, add images and numbers, add schedules and let it ring. You can set up a timer with date if you’re really planning in advance, use an existing contact instead of setting one up or trigger the call from the app.

The UI is straightforward and keeps things simple. The call comes in and rings as per usual and is otherwise totally believable. The only downside is that an ad shows immediately after the call has been completed. So as you finish your fake call, you had better face your screen away from whoever you’re with. Otherwise, it’s a decent way to take calls.

Fake Call – Phoner Prank

Fake Call – Phoner Prank is a tidy little app that allows you to pre-prepare an incoming call for when you need it most. It has a very slick UI with a simple setup screen that lets you set the timer, set the caller, any specific ringtone and set to play a recorded voice or not. You have to record your own voice message but that’s optional.

The call can be set for a variety of time delays and seems to work well. You set your own caller image to be anyone you like to add to the authenticity and let the app get you out of your situation. The app is free and contains ads but they don’t seem to get in the way.

Those are the best apps I can find to fake an incoming call on the iPhone. If you don’t have someone you trust to do it, an app certainly can. Got any other suggestions for apps? Tell us about them below if you do!

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