10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Geeky Dads

10. Cocoon Grid-It! ($15)

Cocoon Grid-It

Frequent travelers know all too well the frustration of packing and retrieving the myriad of accessories that accompany our digital lives. From laptop power chargers, to smartphone USB cables, to digital camera memory cards, our travel bags these days are jam packed with a rat’s nest of cables and adapters. If this reality applies to your dad, pick him up a Grid-It! this Father’s Day.

The Grid-It is a flat storage accessory with dozens of rows and columns of intersecting elastic bands that are loose enough to manipulate but taut enough to hold items in place. Travelers simply insert their cables, cameras, portable mice, business cards, or any other small items into the various bands and then throw the whole thing in their travel bag. When it’s time to retrieve a USB cable, for example, you’ll find it neatly stored and accessible, instead of tangled in a heap at the bottom of your bag.

The Grid-It is available in a number of sizes and colors and, at under $20, is the perfect gift to help keep traveling dads, and their digital accessories, organized.

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