How To Find Friends on Kik and What’s the Best Kik Friend Finder?

Posted by Jamie on March 16, 2017

If you’re home alone and bored, all your friends are at work, school or whatever and you want to talk, what do you do? Fire up Kik and find someone! While the social network is all about connecting friends, it is also possible to meet new people too. In ‘How do I find friends on Kik and what’s the best Kik friend finder?’ I’ll show you how to do just that.

If you’re new to Kik, let us cover the basics first.

How do I find friends on Kik and what’s the best Kik friend finder2

Setting up Kik

Getting Kik up and running on your device is very simple.

  1. Download and install the latest version of Kik for your brand of device.
  2. Enter your cell number when prompted. Make sure it is your real one otherwise Kik won’t work.
  3. Select Settings and Privacy and allow Address Book Matching. This works the same on Android and iPhone.
  4. Start a chat with each friend to make sure you are connected.

Now you have your main friends linked to your Kik account you can spread your net a little wider.

If you have friends not on Kik, you have the option to Tell Friends About Kik within the Settings menu. If you want to chat to buddies on Kik, send them a link through this option. You can then send a link through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks so they can get on Kik.

The best Kik friend finder

The best way to find friends on Kik is to use Kik Cards. These are profile cards within the app that enable people to share their details across the world. It’s a good way to get to meet new people without having to leave the Kik ecosystem.

  1. Navigate to Settings in Kik and select Share Your Profile.
  2. Select your social network(s) of choice to share your own profile.
  3. Navigate to the conversation window in Kik.
  4. Select the little globe icon and use a search term to find a chat.

Use search terms such as ‘chat’, ‘football’ or whatever to try to find ongoing public chats on a subject you’re interested in. Engage with chatters to quickly gain friends.

You can also use public groups to make friends on Kik. Public groups can have up to 50 members and are an ideal way to meet new people and chat about subjects you like. Here’s how to find a public group.

  1. Navigate to your main chat list in Kik. Tap the ‘+’ icon and then Public Groups.
  2. Either use the popular search banner or perform a search of a subject you’re interested in.
  3. Tap a public group to learn more about it.
  4. Select Join Public Group if you want to join and start chatting.

How do I find friends on Kik and what’s the best Kik friend finder3

Kik friend finder websites

If you want to spread your net even wider, there are a number of third-party websites that feature Kik users. The trouble is, most of these are rife with popups, ads, adware or worse. There are also the usual scammers as there are on any network so while these websites do provide a service, it is very much buyer beware when using them!

Kik Contacts

Kik Contacts is one of the least annoying Kik friend finder websites. It shows users online, allows you to browse users using category searches and can even perform user matching based on age, gender, interests and location. The user base is generally 13-20 but there are a wide range of other ages in fewer numbers.

Kik Friends Finder

Kik Friends Finder does much the same thing but has a much wider age range of users. You can generate new Kik usernames, meet girls, guys or whatever, flirt, chat, search and more. The site is fast, doesn’t have popups and makes it easy to meet new people and chat either online or through Kik.

Kik friends

Kik friends is another simple site that first has you selecting girls, guys or by who is online. Then you can refine by age, interest or image and go from there. It is a very simple site with a minimal UI that keeps users front and center.


KUserfinder features popups but aside from that works well. It also features sexting ads so younger users need to be aware. Aside from that, the site features guys, girls and more. There are a wide variety of age ranges, countries and interests so there is bound to be someone here to chat to.

Those are just four of the many Kik friend finder websites that are less buggy or intrusive than others. As each seems to feature thousands of users, there is definitely going to be someone online to chat to.

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