How to Find Lost Software Serial Numbers and Windows Product Key

Posted by Matthew on April 29, 2016

If you ever need to reinstall paid software in Windows 10, or even the platform, you’re going to need to have their serial numbers and product key at hand. As such, there are a few software packages that will provide you with software serial number and Windows product key details.

First, you can find software serial numbers with Belarc Advisor. This is a package that provides system and serial number details within a browser tab. Open this Softpedia page and click DOWNLOAD NOW to save the Balarc Advisor setup.

Then when you launch the setup, it enters a scanning period. Thereafter, it will open a browser page; and you can select which browser to open the tab in. The page will open as shown below.

serial number2

That page includes system specifications. If you scroll down the page a little, you’ll find a list of your software license serial numbers. These will probably largely include serial numbers for packages that might come bundled with Windows such as Adobe Photoshop Elements. It will also include a serial number for Windows.

Note that Windows also has a product key, a 25-digit code, which is not entirely the same thing as the serial number. The product key unlocks Windows, and you can find that with the Win KeyFinder software. Add the program to Windows 10 from this Softpedia page. This saves in a Zip folder, but you don’t need to extract it to open the window in the shot below.

serial number

This shows you your product key (but not in the shot above where it’s painted over), and it also has some other options with which you can change the product key. There’s also a Copy button you can press to copy the product key to Clipboard. Then you can paste that into a text editor with the Ctrl + V hotkey.

So Belarc Advisor and Win KeyFinder are two freeware packages that will provide you with software serial numbers and product key details for Windows. With those details you can then reinstall the software. 

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