How to Find Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

Posted by Matthew on August 13, 2016

Have you lost your Wi-Fi password? If so, you can easily retrieve it in Windows 10. This is how to find your current and previous Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10 without any extra software.

First, you should right-click the Wi-Fi button on the system tray. That will open a context menu that includes an Open Network and Sharing option. Click that option to open the Network and Sharing Center window shown directly below. Alternatively, you can press the Win key + R and enter ‘ncpa.cpl’ into the Run text box to open the same window.


Next, click the title of your Wi-Fi connection on that window. That will open the Wireless Network Connection Status window in the snapshot directly below. The window includes a Wireless Properties button.


Click the Wireless Properties button. Then select the Security tab in the shot below. The Network security key text box includes your password. Click the Show characters check box to make the password clear.


However, that’s only the current Wi-Fi password. You can find passwords for previous networks with the Command Prompt. Press the Win key + X and select Command Prompt to open the window shown below.


Next, enter the following into the Command Prompt: netsh wlan show profiles. Press Enter to open a list of user profiles from previous networks. That includes the passwords for all your previous networks.


So now you can quickly look up the Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10. This will come in handy if you ever need to connect another new device to the same network.

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