How to Open Multiple Web Pages at the Same Time in Firefox


Firefox doesn’t have any options that you can select to open multiple website pages at once. However, there are still a few ways that you open more than one page at once. First, you can do that from the website. Alternatively, you can add the Morning Coffee extension to the browser.

To open multiple website pages at once without extension, check out the page in the snapshot directly below. Click here to open that page, which includes a text box where you can enter URL fields. You can copy and paste hyperlink URLs into the text box with by right-clicking links and select Copy link address on the Google Chrome context menuPress Ctrl + V to paste the hyperlink URLs in text box.

So enter a few URLs into the text box. Then press the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You might also need to press the Open All button after that to open the website pages you entered in the text box.

You can also open a list of website pages at the same time with the Morning Coffee add-on for Firefox. Press the + Add to Firefox button on this page and then restart the browser to install Morning Coffee. Then you can press the Morning Coffee button on the toolbar to open multiple website pages at the same time.

First, you’ll need to set up a few pages to open with the button. Open a website page to add to Morning Coffee in the browser. Then click the small arrow beside the extension button and select Add to My Morning Coffee > Every Day. That adds the page to your list of sites that open every day each time you press the Morning Coffee button on the toolbar. So you can add lots of pages much the same, and then open them all at the same time when you press the extension button.


You can also add pages to open on more specific days when you press the button. Select Configure Morning Coffee from the menu to open the window shown in the snapshot below. Then select a day to add a website page to. Press the Add button to open a text box where you can enter the URL. Then press OK to close text box and window. The site you added will only open on the day you selected it to when you press the Morning Coffee toolbar button.

Note that pressing the Morning Coffee button closes all your other open tabs. The Close Tabs Before Opening option in the add on’s configuration window is selected by default. You can keep all your other tabs open in the browser when you press the extension button by clicking Close Tabs Before Opening check box so that the option isn’t selected.

With and Morning Coffee you can now open multiple websites at the same time. Morning Coffee is a good extension to have to open fave websites with, while might be better for opening sites that aren’t in your bookmarks.

Posted by Matthew on June 11, 2016

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