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How to Fix Charging Problem on LG G7

How to Fix Charging Problem on LG G7

If you just got the LG G7, one of the important things you should know is how to solve the charging issue on the LG G7. Most people always think about changing the cable whenever their LG G7 is having charging issues but there are times when buying a new cable won’t solve the charging issue that you are experiencing on your LG G7. There are some effective methods that you can carry out to fix the changing problem on your LG G7.

There are other reasons that can be causing the charging issue on your LG G7 apart from a defective cable, and I will list them below.

  • It can be as a result of damaged or bent connectors on the device or battery
  • Your LG G7 might be faulty
  • A defective battery can also cause charging issues
  • Faulty charging unit or cable
  • It can also as a result of a temporary phone problem
  • Your LG G7 is defective

Changing Cables

You should first check to be certain that the charging issue is not as a result of a defective cable. There are times when you will be experiencing charging issues because your cable is faulty or has lost connection to the power outlet to charge your LG G7. But before you buy a new cable, you can borrow one around just to be certain that the cable is the cause of the charging issue.

Reset LG G7

It’s possible that you are experiencing charging issues on your LG G7 because the software needs a reboot. There is no need to be upset, this is just a temporary problem and can easily be fixed by rebooting your software. You can make use of this expensive guide here to understand how you can reboot the software on your LG G7.

Clean USB Port

It can also be as a result of your USB port. If there is something like debris or dirt inside your USB port, it can block the connection from the power outlet to your LG G7. To fix this issue, you can look for something small enough to clean and remove the dirt out of the USB port. It’s crucial to point out that you should be careful when the cleaning the port so as not to damage anything that will make the port to stop working.

Get Support From Authorized Technician

If your LG G7 is still not charging after you have tried all the methods above, I will suggest that you take your LG G7 to a shop where a certified LG technician will be able to help you fix it or give you a new one if you are still under warranty.

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