2019 Football Manager Release Date and What To Expect

The Football Manager franchise is the most successful of its kind and has been going for years. If soccer is your thing and you’re looking for as accurate a simulator of a football manager’s job as it is possible to have, this game is it. So what is the Football Manager 2019 release date and what can we expect?

With the World Cup having only just finished, hype is still high for soccer fans. As the US will be hosting the 2026 World Cup, the beautiful game is gaining real traction here too. Especially as this ‘football’ actually connects the foot to the ball instead of just throwing it up and down a field!

Football Manager 2019 release date

Sega have yet to announce the official release date for Football Manager 2019. As the last one was released in November 2017, it isn’t unreasonable to expect it around the same time this year. Previous versions have all been released in late October early November so we expect it to hit around then. As this is prime Christmas shopping time, lots of AAA games hit the digital shelves around that time.

We could always be surprised though. Just because something has always happened in a particular way doesn’t mean it will always happen that way. But we think it will.

What can we expect from Football Manager 2019?

Again, Sega has yet to announce specific features but we have a good idea of what new things to expect in Football Manager 2019. As always, there will be the usual graphics and audio tweaks as well as some new features.

The current release saw some good updates to transfers, squad dynamics, scouting and lots of little things that helped create a more rounded game. The refinement of the tactics window made a huge difference and allows us to quickly refine tactics and change our approach to a game. New player roles added to the depth of tactics we could use, which in turn added to the depth of the game.

What we would like to see in Football Manager 2019

There are as many opinions on games as there are people who play them but the advantage of being a writer is that I get to voice mine. There are a couple of improvements I would love to see some to Football Manager 2019.

Lose the social media stuff

The social media aspect of the game was introduced a couple of years ago and I never liked it. After a while, all the posts repeated and there wasn’t enough variety to keep things interesting. I think it would be better to drop it altogether. It didn’t add anything to the game and quickly became annoying.

Usually I would say ‘do it properly or don’t do it’ but I don’t want the developers to waste time on this. I would much rather they added immersion and other improvements than this social media feature that doesn’t really add anything to the game.

Expand outside influences

We saw the game mention Britain’s Brexit and Catalonia’s attempt at independence as real life influences over the world of soccer. It would be good if more of this was introduced into the game. More world politics as it pertains to soccer and potentially influence a football manager.

It would also be good to see more elements that a real football manager would need to contend with such as temporary contracts, interfering owners, more social change, brand influence and curveballs to make the game less predictable and more dynamic. As long as these influences made a tangible difference to how the game was played and weren’t just there to make the game topical of course.

One-off matches

A campaign is a great thing to lose many dozens of hours in but what if you don’t have that kind of time? How about being able to have a Football Manager 2019 version of a skirmish? A single match between two clubs and you manage one side for that one game? It would take less time and you could set up a match and play when the mood took you rather than having to book several hours for a session of the campaign?

Other fans have said they want to see a women’s league appear in Football Manager 2019. I can’t say I’m bothered about that but if the developers want to add it, great. Otherwise, I’ll leave that to the equality brigade and continue playing games to forget about real life instead of recreating it.

Do you play Football Manager? What do you want to see in Football Manager 2019? Tell us about it below if you have ideas!

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