How to Forward a Text Message on Android

Forwarding a message on Android should seem like a very simple task and it it is. In order to forward a message on an Android device, you will need to follow a set of four simple steps:

1) First find the message you wish to forward. Then tap and hold the message in question.

2) An icon bubble should appear giving you a prompt of options. Tap “Forward”.

3) Next, a list should appear, this list will consist of your contacts and group members on your chats. Scroll down the screen and tap the desired recipients of your message. Their names should now become highlighted, or a checkmark may occur next to them depending on the version of your Android OS. This will confirm them as recipients.

4) You will then be prompted with another icon that says “send” or “confirm”. Tap the button.

Your original created or received message will now be copied and sent to all of the names and numbers you have chosen. Once you go back to your messages screen, the symbol (FWD:) should appear before the original message to indicate that you have successfully forwarded your message. Under your threads for each of your contacts, you make check to see that the latest post in the thread is a copy of your forward. This will confirm that your message was successfully sent.

Posted by Will on June 30, 2015

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