Fubo TV Review

FuboTV is a live television streaming service that has a sports-first policy. The American service has been offering users live access to domestic and international sporting events since 2015. You can watch NFL, NBA, MLS, international soccer, and MLB games, and also a few network TV shows, movies, and news.

Although it offers a bit of everything, its claim to fame is offering almost anything you could want in sports. With a basic package of over 75 channels, FuboTV is becoming one of the more popular streaming services.

And, before you start ripping it apart for not having ESPN, you may want to take a look at some of its other perks.


There are sports fans, and then there are die-hard sports fans. If you only watch your favorite teams and don’t really care about other sports teams outside of your hometown’s, then FuboTV may not be for you.

However, if your life or your pastime revolves around sports, then this may be the Holy Grail of sports channels – NBA TV, CBS Sports, NBCSN, NFL, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, Fox Sports 1 & 2, NFL Network, TNT, MAVTV. These are just a few of the channels you’ll have access to.

And just in case you may need a break from time to time, you also get Lifetime, Hallmark, NatGeo, AMC, SYFY, and even Food Network. Looking at all the variety offered, even though this is a sports-first service, it’s clear that FuboTV serves up the best channels that true sports fans prefer.

Clearly, this cut-cable service is not for everyone. But then again, we don’t all have to subscribe to the same service, do we? The niche sports networks you find on FuboTV may very well balance out ESPN’s absence even for those less enthusiastic sports fans. If you simply like variety, this is a good place to get it.

Moreover, given that the entertainment selection is also impressive, it’s hard to dismiss FuboTV just because it’s missing one popular network.


There are a lot of top-rated channels in FuboTV’s gift bag. But they all come at a cost. FuboTV is slightly more expensive than similar streaming services in comparison. Premium channels include Stadium, the 24-hour college sports channel.

There are no hidden costs so far, but there are some extra perks that you can buy. Perhaps the most important one, barring getting more channels, is the ability to increase your recorded programming time by an extra 500 hours.

This may be a necessary purchase eventually since the base subscription only allows you to save 30 hours of video. The good news is that you can store your recordings indefinitely.

Navigation and Performance

Navigating the app is as straightforward as it gets. You can choose between a grid style list or a layout reminiscent of a classic TV guide. And it takes no more than 5 seconds tops to switch channels. You can also sort channels by specific genres to make things even easier.

The menu is also simple and well-organized. It has just five tabs for Movies, Series, Sports, Channels, and My Videos, where you can browse through recordings.

Streaming Devices

The basic FuboTV subscription allows the use of two streaming devices simultaneously. The third one would incur extra costs. With that being said, you may be interested to know what devices are compatible right?

  1. Roku

  2. Chromecast

  3. Android TV

  4. Amazon Fire TV

  5. Apple TV 4th and 5th generations

The list isn’t extensive. However, it does contain two of the fastest performing streaming boxes in Roku and Chromecast. Combine that with a high-speed internet connection and you should have no need for buffering.

More variety wouldn’t have hurt for sure. But, who knows how time will change. Since its launch, FuboTV hasn’t stagnated; instead it has been slowly improving in performance, channel selection, and device compatibility.

A Final Thought

Is FuboTV a cord-cutter’s dream? – It sure looks like it on paper if the cord-cutter is a massive sports fan. This service will cost you about as much as a standard cable subscription. But, unlike most competing services, the sports-first policy gives you access to a staggering number of sports channels and networks that cover far more than the top sports.

Can you watch Monday Night Football? – No. ESPN is not part of the deal, but unless all you care about is football, that shouldn’t matter. The selection of international sports is great, as is the selection of entertainment and news channels.

Overall, FuboTV is a strong contender in the increasing crowded realm of streaming services even though it appears more of a niche service.

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