FuboTV vs. Sling: The Ultimate Review

Cord-cutting is at its peak at the moment, with so many streaming services competing for your subscription. If you’re having a difficult time choosing between fuboTV and Sling TV, that’s unsurprising because both services are excellent choices.

But which one is better? Is it even possible to make that call?

It’s not just about the price or number of channels. In this article, we’re going compare all their features and see if there’s a clear winner.

Let’s Talk About the Price First

Regardless of the monthly subscription not being the deciding feature, it’s the first question most people ask. That’s perfectly understandable, and in this category, Sling TV comes out on top.

They offer two basic packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange, both for $30 per month. Sling’s Blue package focuses on content that’s more about entertainment and news. Sling Orange, on the other hand, is all about family content and sports.

And how much is fuboTV? Firstly, fuboTV has a lot more plans available. The most popular choice is Family, priced at $70.97 per month. But at the time of writing, they offer a promotional price of $59.99 per month.

They also offer packages called fubo Standard for $54.99 per month, and Ultra for $98.94 per month, but currently available for $84.99. Clearly, just in terms of how much the subscription will cost you per month, Sling TV is much more affordable.


What Is the Channel Lineup Like?

This is where a more serious comparison starts. Prices are one thing, but what does each of the streaming services offer in their channel lineup? Sling TV provides anywhere between 30-50 channels from the start.

That’s considerably less than the 100 or so channels fuboTV initially offers in their Standard package. But there’s a catch here. Unlike fuboTV, Sling lets you customize the channels, so you only get what you really want to watch.

With fuboTV, such flexibility isn’t available. And since most people only stick to a few favorite channels, customization is much appreciated.

The only caveat here is that if you’re a fan of soccer, fuboTV focuses on it more than other sports. Also, if this comparison were made a few months ago, we’d inevitably had to mention that fuboTV doesn’t feature any Disney channels such as ABC or ESPN.

But that’s about to change. The two companies have reached an agreement. Starting in August 2020, Disney’s lineup will be available on fuboTV.


What About the DVR Feature?

Another immensely important feature to cover is the DVR or the recording feature. For some viewers, this might not be something that they pay attention to, but it’s everything for others.

When you’re away a lot, and all your favorite shows and games are aired while you’re not home, plenty of DVR space matters. In this department, fuboTV definitely has the upper hand on Sling TV.

The DVR feature by default for all their plans is 30 hours, and the content will not expire. Of course, they offer a DVR add-on as well. For an extra $9.99, you can get 470 hours more, which would amount to 500 in total.

Sling TV offers just 10 hours of cloud storage space, which is alright but not great. If you want a bit extra, you can pay an additional $5 for 50 more hours.

Which Devices Are They Available on?

On the surface, both fuboTV and Sling TV are performing excellently when it comes to availability.

You can get both smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire, and all mobile devices. That all sounds great, but Sling TV has a surprising ace up its sleeve.

Since Sling TV has been around for a while and is actually one of the oldest streaming services, you can also get it on older devices.

So, for people who aren’t willing to throw away their Blue-Rays and other old devices, Sling TV is the right choice. Also, fuboTV isn’t yet available on any gaming consoles, unlike Sling TV.

Another relevant feature to cover here is how many simultaneous streams per account are allowed for each service. Sling TV customers that choose Orange plan get just one stream at the same time.

If they choose the Blue plan, they get three simultaneous streams. FuboTV keeps it simple and provides two streams at the same time for one account.

FuboTV Sling

Final Verdict – Who Wins?

Comparing fuboTV and Sling TV feels a little superfluous. They seem to each be doing their own thing and focusing on different areas.

Overall, Sling TV just seems like a better choice. It’s cheaper and offers more customization when it comes to channels. It’s also available on every device. FuboTV definitely wins in the DVR category, but it’s a more expensive and less flexible service.

Which service would you choose, Sling TV or fuboTV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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