How To Generate Funny Kik Usernames

Posted by Jamie on January 17, 2017

Generating a username or screen name is harder than it looks. Not only are most of the coolest names already taken, it is usually much more difficult than it should be to come up with something there and then. Given that your Kik username or online moniker is how people are going to know you from that moment on, getting it right is essential.

If you want to know how to generate funny Kik usernames, screen names for social media, gaming handles or any other moniker for use online, read on!

First we will discuss how to create a good username. Then I’ll list a few websites with name generators that are better than the usual. Just in case you cannot come up with something yourself.

Generating funny Kik usernames

Not everyone wants a funny Kik username. Some want cool, others want dark, sports-oriented, superhero themed or whatever. Regardless of the character of your name, the same process applies.

Your Kik username should:

  1. Not be too long so it can be easily remembered.
  2. Not be too complicated so it sticks in the mind.
  3. Unique or niche enough to be interesting to others.
  4. Be descriptive of your personality so other Kik users get a gist of who you are.
  5. Ideally not contain special characters or numbers as these can be hard to work with or look dumb.

All that from a simple username? No wonder coming up with good ones can be so difficult!

Planning your name in advance

Not many of us can come up with a cool name when we are put on the spot. For that, I keep a notebook by my computer to write interesting things down. I have a whole page set aside for cool names I see while on the internet or watching TV. Every time I see a name I like the sound of, it goes into the book.

It’s like a writer’s swap file. A page of ideas I can dip into when I need inspiration. As I collect names whenever I see them, I always have something to use when I join a new forum, social network or website. I can refer to the book, choose a name or combination of names from the page and I’m golden.

If you cannot plan ahead like that, here are some other ideas for generating a funny Kik username.

  • Consider your hobby and utilize that in your Kik username.
  • Consider the movies or music you like and do the same.
  • Look around your street or town for something cool. Just don’t give too much away about your real location.
  • Use a passion, interest or character trait.
  • Use a dictionary to come up with something unique.

If you really cannot think of a funny Kik username, try one of these websites. They contain name generators that are pretty good at coming up with something usable.

How to generate funny Kik usernames-2


SpinXO takes a few pieces of information about you and combines them to generate a cool, sensible or funny Kik username. Some of them are just plain silly but in the mix are some very cool names. The site asks for a name or nickname, hobby, things you like, personality traits, any important words and any numbers you like and randomly generates a username.


Jimpix is similar but not quite as effective at coming up with cool names. The site has a random name generator, one word username generator and social media specific generator but all they do is combine two dictionary words together. You can select from a list of brands, sports, food or whatever though which can be more effective.

Screen Name Generator

The descriptively-titled Screen Name Generator takes a prefix and suffix word and generates something related to those two words. Sometimes it’s a literal use of the two with another word in the center and sometimes it’s related words that are similar. If you have an idea of what your Kik username should be but cannot come up with something, this tool could help fill in the blanks.

How to generate funny Kik usernames-3

Rum and Monkey

Rum and Monkey is a personal favorite. It has a large range of themes like Minion Name Generator, My Little Pony, Ancient Greek, Samurai, Military, Viking and a load more. Select your genre, select male or female, type in your name or any name and generate. This is the one site that did come up with some genuinely funny Kik usernames which is why I like it so much.

Coming up with a funny Kik username or any kind of screen name is harder than it looks. At least now you have a few ideas on how to come up with one!

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