11 Funny Tinder Bios

Posted by Sydney on July 26, 2017
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Dating in 2017 is somehow easier and harder than it’s been in the past. Sure we’re subject to a multitude of apps and websites, each of which present an endless stream of profiles, bios, names, ages, heights, etc. But a larger pool makes it harder to weed out the duds and find the people that you’re really likely to connect with. That or your on the other end of this problem, finding that too many people are passing over your profile.

Tinder makes looking easier on the searchers, who can read a short blurb and pass someone over with a quick swipe of their finger. But it’s harder on those trying to get noticed. When you can be so easily cast aside, how do you grab someone’s attention and get them to swipe right instead of left?

Tinder Profile Picture Tips

It starts with the profile picture. The truth is, there’s no hard and fast rule for creating the perfect pic. Just focus on showing off your assets. That means highlighting your best physical features, but it also means highlighting your best personality traits.

If you’re funny, show it with a goofy photo. If you’re social, show yourself out on the town with a friend. If you travel a lot, use that great pic of you posing in front of the Colosseum. Let people know who you are.

Tinder Bio Tips

Once you have the profile pic down, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect bio. This is much easier said than done. However, it’s important that you don’t skip this part. Having no bio at all will make you look lazy or disinterested.

As with the photo, play to your strengths. If you’re funny, be funny. If you’re not, don’t force it or it will just come off as awkward. If you’re a big reader or a movie buff, consider a quote. However, avoid anything too cliche or you will appear cliche.

If you’re at a total loss, try just one simple descriptive statement. It will appear irreverent, even humorous, and will get you off the hook. Examples include “I like cheese” or “I sing in the shower.”

Hilarious Tinder Bios

If you really really want to be funny, check out the following for inspiration. These Tinder bios range from bizarre to sharp witted and are guaranteed to make you smile.

1. The Unwitting Creep

2. The Sassy Slacker

3. The Ironic Hero

4.The Melodramatically Honest

5. The Confidently Insecure

6. The Taco Duck

7. The Clever and Owning It

8. The Rave Review

9. The Majestic Unicorn

10. The Damaged Goods

11. The Catch

Your turn…

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