How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S3


Taking Screenshots on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Nearly every phone has a different method of capturing screenshots, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is no different. Screenshots are a handy way of sharing information via text or email with other people, or storing information that you’d like easy access to later on.With the Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s best to practice it a few times before you need it. The buttons will need to be pushed at the exact same time in order to capture a screenshot.

The Steps
Step 1 – Navigate on your phone to whatever it is you’d like to take a screenshot of. This can be any screen at all, so for the sake of practice it really doesn’t matter.
Step 2 – Hold the power button and home button, ensuring to press them down at the exact same time.
Step 3 – After holding the buttons down for approximately one second, the screen will flash and show a picture being “thrown” into your phone.

That’s it! Go to your photos on your phone and it should be there waiting for you.

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Posted by Will on July 14, 2015

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