Samsung Galaxy S7 Update

Posted by Will on June 3, 2015

Updating the Samsung Galaxy S7

Upon release, updating the Samsung Galaxy S7 should be easier than ever before. The device’s advanced hardware and software makes that possible. Updates are available from time to time for the Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and Google’s Android operating system. As a premium flagship device, the S7 receives regular UI and OS updates. That should remain the case for at least two years after the smartphone’s release. Samsung is often diligent about pushing necessary updates to its devices.

Checking For Updates

The Galaxy S7 should receive an update every few months, depending upon various factors. Users can head into their device’s Settings and then scroll down to About Phone. From there, an update section should be visible. Hitting that icon should lead to a screen that allows users to manually check for updates. The smartphone itself should automatically check every day or two. When updates are available, a Galaxy S7 will prompt users to install the update, or allow them to postpone the installation.

Installing New Updates

If the prompt appears, then users can hit Download and Install to start the process. Depending upon the size of the update, the process could take minutes or an hour. Downloading the files over WiFi is recommended, and the Galaxy S7 should be fully charged before starting. This entire process runs automatically from there, and most devices will restart at least twice. One final startup is necessary to optimize each app for the new update. At that point, users are ready to handle their device again.

Users can install major updates as they arrive, although there is some value in waiting. By waiting a few weeks, Samsung and Google will work out all of the bugs that inevitably come with Android updates. Applying an update to the Galaxy S7 is a simple affair, and it shouldn’t take long each time.

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