Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus: How To Change Lock screen

Posted by Desmond Andrada on May 7, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

One of the best features and advantages of Android smartphones to iPhones is its wider spectrum of customization options. If you become really determined to make your device user-interface (UI) one-of-a-kind, then a plethora of options ranging from theme changes, keyboard types, screensavers, and even animations are available in the Play Store.

The newly-released Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are certainly looking to improve on a lot of things, but one customization option remains constant, and that is the lock screen. All the previous iterations of Samsung Galaxy models have this and allows users to set their phones apart from a million others. Its function has since evolved from a cover design to more practical upgrades such as quick widgets and shortcuts which do not require the phone to be unlocked.

These features range from the Dual Clock setting to be displayed when the phone is locked and has the ability to display different time zones to dates and camera shortcuts. These all can have different combinations and design choices themselves making the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus quite a pleasant experience with its updated software UI.

Other information such as the owner as well as the phone’s status can also be displayed. To be able to do all this is also quite simple and only require a few steps, none of which are too complex for the regular smartphone user.

How to Change the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Lock Screen:

  1. Unlock the device and go to the home screen
  2. Look for the notification bar and swipe it down to unravel its full length
  3. Now there should be a Setting icon at the upper right corner of the unraveled notification bar, press on that
  4. This should take you to the Settings menu, look for Lock Screen and Security then select that
  5. Scroll down a bit until you see “Lock Screen and Always On Display” section. Under this should be a good selection of customization options for you to choose from
  6. Pressing on Always On Display takes you to the one of the newest features for the S9. Here, the lock screen stays on despite the device being lock, showing off the wallpaper and display
  7. There should be a toggle to enable/disable the function as well as additional options for customizations
  8. There should also be a Setting option named Clock and Facewidgets. This lets you select a stylized clock to your tastes. Facewidgets then let you select which shortcuts you want on the lock screen of the phone

You’ll have access to lots of customization options on your S9 or S9 Plus. It has tons of features out of the box. Android’s latest OS, Oreo, is installed by default. It has all the bells and whistles. Owners of the Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus will find no shortage of design and UI quirks. The lock screen options are just a few of the many new and improved features.

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