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Galaxy S9 No Sound Problem (Solved)

If you thought that you are the only one experiencing the no sound problem on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, you could be mistaken. The no sound problem is a very common issue and affects many smartphone users than you can imagine.
As it is common, it is a very solvable problem. Therefore, before frustrations lead you to discard your smartphone, you should attempt the solutions we are going to suggest in this article. The main complaints related to sound that we have listened to so many time include the following:

There are some few easy fixes that you can do for yourself. To help you get going, we have the step by step procedures outlined below for you. These steps are simple and straightforward and should not be troublesome.
As you start off your quest for the most optimal solution, you need to check for the following things.

Currently Active Ring Mode

Checking the current active ringtone on your device is all about ensuring that your smartphone is not in silent mode. This will explain why you are not hearing any sounds from your device. To check for the current active ringtone, just swipe the notification shade downwards and then tap on the icon shaped as a speaker. Continue pressing on this icon until you see that the Loud ring mode is displayed. Alternatively, you can go to your settings and select on Sounds. In the Sounds menu, locate and adjust the volume settings.

Phone Powered On For Too Long

Did you know that your smartphone needs a compulsory restart once every few days to give it a fresh start? There are many small issues that you can solve by giving your smartphone a simple restart. To restart, just press the power button and hold it long enough until a small pop-up menu shows up. From the menu, select on Restart. Wait until your smartphone switches off and back on again. Then, check to see if the sound problem has been effectively fixed.

Check The Headphone Jack

It is reasonable to check if the headphone was played around with. This is especially if the smartphone is stuck in the headphone mode even though the headphone jack is not plugged in. Refresh the headphone connection by plugging in and out the headphones several times. This process should help solve any audio glitch that was affecting the headphones. It should also remove any dust and dirt particles that were interfering with the connection.

Check The Charging Dock

In some cases, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will interpret any connectivity in the charging dock as a music dock or station connection hence cutting off any sound. This will happen even if there are things caught up in the charging dock without any real connection. It is because of this reason that we encourage Galaxy S9 users experiencing sound problems to always check the charging dock for any possible debris. It should suffice to use an out of use toothbrush or similar tool to gently dust off the charging dock.

Currently Used Software Version

Sometimes the sound problem you are experiencing could just be a tip of the iceberg about the possible problems you will be running into because your Galaxy S9 is running on an outdated software. It will be fundamental to, therefore, update your software to get rid of any bugs that could be causing the sound problems. You can get the available updates from the Settings on your phone. Under the General settings, look for the About Device option and tap on it. In there you should be able to access the Software Update option and then tap to check for updates. If there are any software updates, download and then check to see if the sound problem has been fixed.
If the updates are not available to you, then you need to check with your service provider. The service provider will usual determine when your device will be able to receive the software updates. So if they have delayed in providing you with the updated software, you may have to wait for a little longer.

Bluetooth Still Enabled

There are times when your Galaxy S9 smartphone still recognizes external devices that you had connected to previously even though you may have interrupted the connection. If this is the case, all you need to do is disable the Bluetooth directly from the notification shade.
If none of the solutions provided above help you fix the sound problem on your smartphone, then we suggest that you reach out to a Samsung technician near you and let them help you in fixing the problem. The best thing is that if the technician cannot find the source of the problem, he will recommend that you be issued with a replacement.